Golfer Greg Norman marries birdie No. 3 in Caribbean ceremony - Daily Mail

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Golfer Greg Norman has secretly remarried just 11 months after a bitter divorce from his ­second wife, Wimbledon champion Chris Evert

Ryuji Imada assessed 26-stroke penalty - ESPN

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Failing to read the local rules sheet cost PGA Tour golfer Ryuji Imada a whopping 26 penalty strokes at a tournament in China on Saturday

Mistress discusses sex with Tiger in new book - NY Post

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Everyone can curl up in bed with one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses now

No joy in watching Tiger Woods down in dumps - Chicago Sun-Times

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This Tiger Woods looks like a mess, as you’d expect a man who has thrown away his home life to be. This Tiger Woods looks human

Slicing away some mystique from golf score of 59 - NYT

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The once-rare score of 59 has been recorded twice on the PGA Tour in less than a month. When will be the next?

Wearing the pants: John Daly's wild world of golf [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Here are some of our favorite ensembles that make JD truly worthy of the nickname, ‘Wild Thing’

Out of the rough: DNA test proves Tiger not baby daddy - The Hollywood Gossip

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Over the last couple weeks, Devon James has claimed to anyone with a microphone that Tiger is the father of her nine-year old son

Tiger's alleged new love child - NY Daily News

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Former mistress says child’s middle name is tribute to Tiger

Daly wants $100 million for Honda Classic injury - The Palm Beach Post

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Golfer John Daly, known as much for his girth and drinking as his powerful swing and funky wardrobe, is no longer looking for a golf payday

Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James kicks it with English footballer - TMZ

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Tiger Woods’ XXX mistress Joslyn James ain’t crying for the golfer anymore

Tiger Woods needs oxygen - Orlando Sentinel

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Tiger Woods’ Treasure Coast home includes an ‘oxygen therapy’ room

Tiger Woods back on the prowl - Radar Online

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The golfer was spotted earlier this week with a blonde beauty on the golf course in his gated community

Joslyn James to release Tiger Woods-themed porno - The Hollywood Gossip

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Somehow, multiple press conferences coinciding with Tiger’s and strip club appearances held near his golfing events weren’t enough for Joslyn James

Tiger to share joint custody - Radar Online

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The two-timing golfer and his future ex-wife Elin are opting out of fighting a messy custody battle

Mothers know best when it comes to family matters - LA Times

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Even as women athletes have become established as professionals in sports as traditional as tennis and golf, there is still no one-and-only best way to do the thing many young women want to do — start a family

Tiger Woods’ inconvenient women, part two - The Daily Caller

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In the June issue of ‘Vanity Fair,’ Mark Seal continues his investigation of the Tiger Woods scandal by examining the world of the billionaire golfer and how his advisers handled the Thanksgiving night catastrophe

Obama’s golf-based economic recovery plan

Opinion | Robert Laurie

While many on the right are calling Obama’s near-weekly golf outings gratuitous, in reality it’s the most tangible thing he’s done to stimulate our nation’s battered economy

Elin whisks cubs off to Sweden - The Hollywood Gossip

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Tiger’s estranged wife, Elin, flew home to Sweden with the couple’s two children on Monday, and the golfer nowhere in sight

Moving public opinion one swoosh at a time

Opinion | Sabrina Schaeffer

Woods has to take the same approach to reforming his image as he did to remaking his golf swing. There’s no hole-in-one for him on the course of public opinion.

Phil Mickelson shows that good guys can finish first - NY Daily News

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‘How come when Tiger loses, it’s because the poor guy didn’t bring his ‘A’ game and when you lose, you’re some kind of choking dog?’