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MindRDR: A Creepy Biosensor Strapped To Your Head

Detroit Robocop Statue.JPEG

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie

How Google Glass Can Steal Your Passwords (By Just LOOKING At You)

It’s a brave new world, folks

Brits Ban Moviegoers From Wearing Google Glass In Theaters

Google CEO Sergey Brin speaks at Google I/O 2012 Conference

‘I tried to explain that this is a misunderstanding’

How To Shoot A Weapon Using Google Glass

‘Ok Glass, fire at will’

Shoot From Behind Cover And Around Corners With Google Glass

‘For accurate shots around corners, unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side, and around barricades’

Google Glass Is Going To Ruin Dinner Forever

‘Get back to the real world’

New study states Americans don't want Google Glass, drones, robots or AI

A humanoid robot from IIT is displayed during the Innorobo 2014 fair (Innovation Robotics Summit) in Lyon

Positivity about tech is up, but trust is not

Bill Gates files patent to protect you from 'Glassholes'

A man wears a pair of Google glasses as he stands at Madrid's Puerta del Sol square

New system designed to safeguard your privacy from Google’s snooping wearable tech

Google's Glass house

Google CEO Sergey Brin speaks at Google I/O 2012 Conference

Glass is a rare window into Google’s soul.

This is why 72% of Americans want nothing to do with Google Glass

Defendant Cecilia Abadie is surrounded by news cameras as she arrives at a traffic court in San Diego

Tech not yet available on the open market

Designer: Google Glass makes you look like a 'dick on a Segway'

Google co-founder Sergey Brin during New York Fashion Week

‘That’s precisely the moment when I think the fashion world laughs at the world of industrial design, justifiably’

The military's new Google Glass streams TONS of futuristic battle data

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Soldiers will see full 3D maps, enemy locations, drone video in real-time

Tech startup building facial-expression recognition software for Google Glass

Reuters journalist Goelman wears Google glasses during interview with Israel's Justice Minister Livni at World Economic Forum in Davos

‘It’s a breakthrough technology’

Woman attacked for wearing Google Glass at a bar

Sarah Slocum

‘I think everybody was just upset that she would be recording outside of a bar this late’

People keep getting weirded out by people wearing Google Glass

Developer Firtman wears Google Glass before news conference in Riga

‘Glass is not a new thing anymore. Why is there still this confusion and fear?’

Google Glass may be the future of law enforcement

Google Glass may be the future of law enforcement (LATVIA)

‘We’re in the process of field-testing that technology in a variety of circumstances’

'The Simpsons' put on Google Glass

The Simpsons Google Glass

‘Finally, I’m not a slave to my stupid human eyeballs’

'Sex with Google Glass' is exactly what it sounds like

Sex with Google Glass

‘Ok glass, it’s time’

Wearing Google Glass in a movie theater got this man detained, interrogated for four hours

Google Glass may be the future of law enforcement (LATVIA)

‘I would have been fine with ‘I’m sorry this happened, please accept our apologies.’ Four free passes just infuriated me’

Firing a gun with Google Glass looks like a first-person shooter [VIDEO]

A+ for video game authenticity