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Spend your April Fools' catching Pokemon with Google Maps

Gotta catch 'em all

NSA spying through 'leaky' phone apps Angry Birds, Google Maps

Rovio Entertainment Senior Vice-President Holm wears Angry Birds jacket during news conference in Hong Kong

Agency documents describe program as the ‘GoldenNugget!’ of phone data collection



The taxman is googling you

Google Maps gets Nintendo-style upgrade - PC Magazine


Accessing 8-bit Quest Maps is easy: Just fire up your normal Google Maps web app and click on the “Try it now” button on the left-hand menu.

Google's maps go indoors with new mobile feature - AP


‘In an upgrade released Tuesday, Google Inc. unveiled a feature that will include indoor directions within stores, malls, airports and transit centers in the U.S. and Japan’

Chicago burglar uses Google Maps to canvass wealthy suburban homes - TheDC

Google Robber

‘He used the satellite view on those homes where you can see 360 degrees.’

Bin Laden's compound burned in Google Maps reviews - TheDC

Google Maps reviewers criticize the village where OBL hid until his death

Apple voice navigation service could oust Google Maps suggests analyst - SlashGear

Apple to possibly create voice interface and navigation service to challenge Google Maps

Google says whole emails, passwords picked up by Street View cars - Telegraph

Company apologized and said it wants to delete the information as soon as possible

Censorship, as defined by Google - TechCrunch

Google issues ‘transparency report,’ equates countries that block access to site as censorship

Street view could put kids in harms way

Unfortunately, with these fast-moving and helpful innovations, there can be serious drawbacks. Recently, Google got a lot of attention when it was exposed that their Street View software was collecting unauthorized data from wireless networks

Google may have known of StreetView flaws - Bloomberg

Richard Blumenthal said he asked Google Inc. whether it tested its Street View software before using it,

Google's Street View faces multi-state US probe - BBC News

Google is being investigated by multiple states after admitting that it unintentionally collected private information about wi-fi hot spots through its Street View vehicles

Google showing Ford drivers the way - CNET

Need for paper maps eliminated as certain Ford models will allow drivers to sync maps from a computer or phone

Woman Sues Google After Bad Directions Led To Car Accident - Search Engine Land

After Googling walking directions for a trip in Park City, Utah, Lauren Rosenberg claims she was led onto a busy highway, where she was struck by a vehicle. She’s now suing Google for damages

The omniscient Internet - Roll Call

Waxman questions Google about Street View privacy issues

Google adds bicycle routes to Maps - Washington Post

The popular mapping site’s introduction of bike directions follows a couple of years of grass-roots lobbying that led the Mountain View, Calif., firm to expand to this feature, just in time for spring

EU investigates whether Google Street View is a ‘digital peeping tom’

It’s like déjà vu all over again for Google with privacy concerns related to its Street View Maps