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Report: Federal Law May Discourage Finding Homeless Children

Homeless man begs for money in the Financial District in San Francisco

School districts seek to avoid thousands in unfunded mandates

DECADES-Old Data Is Good Enough To Justify EPA Regulations

Data used as recently as 2013

GAO: Investors Double-Dipping on Tax Credits

A cashier counts out money at Macy's Herald Square on Thanksgiving Day in New York

‘The program expired in 2013 but legislation has been proposed to extend it’ Already Cost $840 Million -- And It's Not Even Finished

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the website in New York in this photo illustration

Report faults Obama administration’s management

GAO: 86,000 DOD Employees Have Federal Tax Debt

Agencies seek better method of screening applicants

Report: IRS Is Exposing Taxpayers To Serious Risks

A woman walks out of the Internal Revenue Service building in New York

‘IRS has not made any plans for reform’

How To Get A Job In The New Economy

NASA picture of the SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo spacecraft grappled to Canadarm2 at the International Space Station

Source of nearly all job growth for eight years

Report: 40 States Expect Water Shortages In The Next Decade

File phoro of a worker of SABESP looking at the cracked ground of Jaguary dam in Braganca Paulista

‘Population growth remains a concern’

GAO: Feds can't say how much spent on environmental litigation

Environmentalists rally and pretend to be dead on a black sheet symbolizing an oil spill as they rally in front of the White House and call on President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline, in Washington

‘Little information exists on the costs and benefits’

If you are a taxpayer, your data may still be at risk thanks to the IRS

Internal Revenue Service

‘Until IRS takes additional steps … its financial and taxpayer data will remain vulnerable’

Even green energy is vulnerable to global warming

Heliostats reflect sunlight onto boilers in towers during the grand opening of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

‘Wind energy cannot be naturally stored’

DHS to purchase 75.1 million rounds of ammunition this year

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Johnson delivers a speech in Washington

Bought 84.4 million rounds of ammo last year

Guess how many immigrants DHS has lost track of

Janet Napolitano Immigrants Releases

Hint: There are a lot of zeroes

Report: TSA employee misconduct leapt by 26 percent

Elderly Woman Search

Employees stole thousands of dollars, slept on the job and let friends freely pass through security

GAO: Corporations saving $181 billion through tax breaks - TheDCNF

Siegfried Layda / Getty Images.

Report comes as Congress dives into ways to simplify the tax code

Coburn: GAO report reveals $95 billion in government overlap

Tom Coburn

Failure to address inefficiencies is ‘unconscionable and immoral,’ senator says

GAO report says Obamacare not paid for, despite presidential promise

Health Care Law

Sessions says report reveals ‘dramatic falsehoods’ of Obamacare boosters

GAO estimate may lowball effects of EPA coal plant regulations - TheDCNF

Coal Plant Retirement

‘The GAO report is almost certainly an understatement, and possibly a massive understatement’

Obama campaign, Treasury use incomplete GAO report to defend Delphi pension decision - TheDC

Autos Parts Shortages

GAO admits it did not have the emails obtained by TheDC, but says they don’t change the findings of the report