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A Bit Of Insanity: Government Spending On Flood Insurance

op-ed | Alan Daley & Steve Pociask
We cant pretend the government can afford to continuously rebuild flooded buildings

Let's Address The Real Problem Of Government Financial Waste

op-ed | Dan Rene
Then it will be easier for public servants to be more productive and save money

As The Economy Grows, Private Construction Spending Rises To All-Time High

US | Reuters
'The economy grew'

How Much Did The U.S. Actually Spend To Fund A Clown School In Argentina?

Politics | David Sivak
'Acrobatics, trapeze gymnastics and dance'

No, American Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced To Fund Misconduct Overseas

op-ed | Drew Johnson
Favoritism for incumbent contractors is a serious problem at Foggy Bottom

To Combat Improper Payments, Agencies Need To Have Skin In The Game

Opinion | Ross Marchand
More than $144 billion of taxpayer money is spent on 'improper payments' each year

Trudeau Close To Breaking This Unenviable Record

World | David Krayden
'Prime Minister Trudeau's historically high level of spending comes in the absence of a recession or war'

Treasury Launches Site That Tracks Government Spending

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'The new site provides taxpayers with the ability to track nearly $4 trillion in government spending'

Cromnibus Cronyism: Spending Bill Loaded With Favors

Politics | Peter Fricke
See which companies benefit from 'naked corporate welfare'

Bumper Crop Could Cost Taxpayers Billions In Farm Subsidies

Business | Peter Fricke
'Very premature to speculate about the farm bill savings'

Study: Government Consumption Spending Reduces Economic Growth

US | Peter Fricke
See what research says about Obama stimulus

Study Finds Private Prisons Offer Massive Cost Savings

Business | Peter Fricke
'Exposing public prisons to greater competition should lead to lower costs and improved performance'

Middle school student figures out how government can save $370 million every year

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

$1.1 trillion spending bill passes

Politics | Alexis Levinson
The bill is 1,582 pages

Obama's next goals: more taxes, spending and immigrants

Politics | Neil Munro
They're all unpopular, but he has friends in D.C.

Obama and other Democrats fought debt ceiling hikes many times

Politics | Charles C. Johnson
When Republicans are in the White House, Democrats consistently oppose adding to the debt

Youthful pundit: Pay politicians a million dollars a year

Politics | Tim Cavanaugh
Disgraced Virginia governor's $175k salary, $100k food budget, free mansion not enough, says economist's son

Carnival won't repay Uncle Sam for disabled ship assistance

Business | Sarah Hofmann
The cruise giant says the $800k the government shelled out to rescue the disabled ship is a 'universal obligation'

Conservatives: Obama's budget plan a 2014 vote gambit

Business | Neil Munro
The late budget plan is really an early piece of Obama’s election-day plan for November 2014, say GOP staffers.

First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration

Politics | Patrick Howley
Despite canceled WH tours and long airport lines, Obamas host swanky gala for stars

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