Cromnibus Cronyism: Spending Bill Loaded With Favors

Politics | Peter Fricke

See which companies benefit from ‘naked corporate welfare’

Bumper Crop Could Cost Taxpayers Billions In Farm Subsidies

Business | Peter Fricke

‘Very premature to speculate about the farm bill savings’

Study: Government Consumption Spending Reduces Economic Growth

US | Peter Fricke
President Obama

See what research says about Obama stimulus

Study Finds Private Prisons Offer Massive Cost Savings

Business | Peter Fricke

‘Exposing public prisons to greater competition should lead to lower costs and improved performance’

Middle school student figures out how government can save $370 million every year

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Students arrive for class at Mahnomen Elementary School in Mahnomen, Minnesota
School science project leads to multi-million dollar discovery

$1.1 trillion spending bill passes

Politics | Alexis Levinson

The bill is 1,582 pages

Obama's next goals: more taxes, spending and immigrants

Politics | Neil Munro
Obama looks a little peeved. J Scott Applewhite/AP

They’re all unpopular, but he has friends in D.C.

Obama and other Democrats fought debt ceiling hikes many times

Politics | Charles C. Johnson
Barack Obama and Speaker of the House, John Boehner held a Golf Summit during the debt-ceiling crisis this summer

When Republicans are in the White House, Democrats consistently oppose adding to the debt

Youthful pundit: Pay politicians a million dollars a year

Politics | Tim Cavanaugh

Disgraced Virginia governor’s $175k salary, $100k food budget, free mansion not enough, says economist’s son

Carnival won't repay Uncle Sam for disabled ship assistance

Business | Sarah Hofmann

The cruise giant says the $800k the government shelled out to rescue the disabled ship is a ‘universal obligation’

Conservatives: Obama's budget plan a 2014 vote gambit

Business | Neil Munro

The late budget plan is really an early piece of Obama’s election-day plan for November 2014, say GOP staffers.

First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration

Politics | Patrick Howley

Despite canceled WH tours and long airport lines, Obamas host swanky gala for stars

BRAIN initiative gives a big check to sci-tech elite

Opinion | Tim Cavanaugh

New funding for neuroscience is a big nothing.

McClintock: GOP winning sequestration debate, but losing spending fight

Politics | Tim Cavanaugh

Continuing resolution deferred Republicans’ ability to make serious spending reductions

Obama's spending failure

Opinion | John Lott

Since the beginning of the Great Recession, the countries whose governments have increased spending the most have fared the worst.

Now it's up to the voters to strike down Obamacare

Opinion | Sally Pipes

If left in place, the law will bankrupt the government and destroy the market for healthcare.

New definition decreases government limo count - TheDC

Politics | Meagan Clark

Limos down 62 percent, after 73 percent increase last year

Numbers don't lie, but Democrats do

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

MSNBC is promoting a new chart that purportedly shows Obama has been fiscally responsible.

The reason Obama is pushing for more federal education spending

Feature:Opinion | Neal McCluskey

Federal education spending is very wasteful, but also very popular.

European austerity nothing but smoke and mirrors

Opinion | J. Keith Johnson

Western economies are struggling as a direct result of big government’s addiction to spending other people’s money.