This Report On Redundant Federal Programs Is Maddening

Investigative Group | Andrew Kerr
One hundred dollars burn in the hand on a black background (SHUTTERSTOCK/schankz)

‘Tens of billions of additional dollars could be saved’

Trudeau Government Spends Big To Send Supporters To Events

World | David Krayden

‘Involving survivors and family members and honouring lost ones has been central to this reconciliation process.’

Congress Should Choose Service Members Over Wasteful Spending On Weapons

op-ed | Ross Marchand
military soldier Shutterstock/Billion Photos

Prioritizing unneeded weapon purchases and dinosaur bases will cause dead soldiers

$300 Billion in Government Waste Uncovered [VIDEO]

Politics | Meghan Flynn

Waste Watch has uncovered over $300 billion

DOI Officials Were Paid $6 Million While Facing Misconduct Investigations

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis, who was investigated for potential ethics violations. REUTERS/Mark Makela

‘DOI cannot demonstrate … it has not wasted taxpayers dollars by paying employees not to work’

Feds Blow $548,459 To Study 'MICROAGGRESSIONS' Toward Female Engineering Students

Education | Eric Owens
'art' by Eric Owens

‘Subtle yet pervasive stereotypic messages’

Public University Will Spend $402,249 Studying Academic Performance Of STONED COLLEGE STUDENTS

Education | Eric Owens
Dazed and Confused YouTube screenshot Slater gets stoned YouTube screenshot/Dougaloon

It will take THREE YEARS to answer vexing questions about potheads on campus

Here's How The Government Lets You Die In Car Crashes

US | Ethan Barton

‘This is one of the worst audit reports I’ve ever seen’

Housing Department Spends Taxpayer Money On Expensive Worker Moves

Politics | James Longley

Nearly $5.5 million

Guess Which Agency Didn't Test Its Cybersecurity Protections

US | Ethan Barton

Taxpayer dollars could be lost thanks to the government’s inability to form effective cloud computing contracts