Scientist Invents Safer Alternative To Alcohol, Gets Slapped Down By Gov't

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
I'm not as think as you alcosynth I am

Government Subsidizes, Government Warps And Distorts -- Government Bails Out

Opinion | Seton Motley
Female hands with money. In the background solar panel. ( Vaclav Volrab)

It’s high time we all learn from each others’ mega-mistakes.

Government Employee Employed To Find Drug Houses, Charged With Running A Drug House

US | Emma Colton
Screen shot/ABC12

And she’s making over $53,000 a year off taxpayer money

City Rips Down Ribbons Supporting Police, Claims They're Not Up To Code

US | Emma Colton
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They were gone in a ‘blink of an eye’

SXSW speaker says government officials know NOTHING about cyber-security

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A man checks his mobile electronic device during at the Cyber Security Summit 2014 in Bonn

‘That’s like going to negotiate with the Soviets and not knowing what ‘ICBM’ means’

The government does not deserve credit for private businesses' success

Feature:Opinion | Antony Davies

The president’s economic policies are based on a superstitious fear of liberty and a zealot’s belief in government.

Obama's logic: a system that 'allows' us to thrive can disallow success

Opinion | Steve Stanek

People are focusing on the wrong part of Obama’s ‘You didn’t build that’ speech.

South Korea to kill whales for scientific research, sparking protests - AP

World | InternAdmin

(AP) SEOUL – South Korea’s plan to resume hunting whales for research purposes has drawn immediate protests from non-whaling nations and environment groups that suspect the plans may be a cover for commercial whaling.

FBI file: Steve Jobs was considered for govt post - AP

Business | admin

The Commerce Department confirmed Thursday that Jobs did serve on the council during Bush administration.

Publicly funded NPR's Totenberg warns of mixture of government and press - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Network legal affairs correspondent explains the dangers of a consolidated media in response to the News of the World scandal

$500 ticket issued for illegal lemonade stand - TheDC

US | Alec Jacobs

Kids say the ordeal has taught them an important lesson

Osama is dead, but government is still a failure

Opinion | Wayne Allyn Root

Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.

Forty-five percent of Americans say anti-poverty programs increase poverty - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Pessimism about the impact of government anti-poverty programs is widespread

Executive branch preps for shutdown - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Federal agencies, employees, all non-essential activity to be affected

Little progress as shutdown deadline looms - Washington Times

Politics | interns

Blame abounds as congress returns to session with the next budget deadline fast approaching

American investors grow wary of government debt - NRO

US | interns

Once considered the safest of safe investments, Treasury bonds are becoming unpopular amongst domestic buyers in the face of massive deficits and inflation concerns

World's largest bond fund to discontinue holding US government debt - TheDC

US | Will Rahn

In the wake of the US government projecting record budget deficits, Bill Gross, the man who runs the world’s biggest bond fund, has eliminated all government-related debt from his flagship fund

Obama's Cabinet doesn't feel like 'part of the team' - WaPo

Politics | interns

The new White House Chief of Staff is charged with mending a frayed relationship between Obama and the Cabinet

White House agrees to $6.5B more in budget cuts - AP

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After negotiations, the White House revealed its new agreed-upon cuts

Tunisia interim prime minister steps down - LAT

World | interns

In response to protests, Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi resigned on Sunday