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Latest Solar Jobs Report Shows 'Green' Sector On Life Support

op-ed | Ross Marchand
Why are taxpayers heavily subsidizing labor-intensive technologies because of delusions of grandeur?

New Study Says Climate Change Programs Cost Billions For Paltry Results

Energy | David Krayden
‘Across the country, ineffective climate policies will cost taxpayers billions with little to show for it.’

We Need Clean Cars Now More Than Ever

Opinion | Heather Leibowitz
We need to do more to cut pollution, not less.

Clean Energy Week Marks Turning Point in National Energy Discussion

Opinion | Kelly Ayotte
Almost everyone understands that diversifying the nation’s energy portfolio is a good thing.

Green Energy Policies Push Electricity Rates Up And Jobs Out Of Ontario

Energy | David Krayden
'We estimate...'

"Green" Energy Integration Costs Threaten Consumers And Taxpayers Alike

Opinion | Ross Marchand
Only an unbiased price system can help energy supply cater to consumer needs at minimal cost.

EXCLUSIVE: Al Gore's Home Devours 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household

Opinion | Drew Johnson
The former vice president hypocritically calls for Americans to reduce energy consumption in new film.

The Dark Side Of The Sun: Nevada Gives In to Solar Bullies

Opinion | Bob Stump
The state has propped up a failing business model.

The Private Sector, Not Government, Should Spearhead Green Energy

Opinion | Dylan Moore
Industry leaders are the ones trying to take us to a more sustainable future. We need to let them.

The Russia Connection Tom Steyer Doesn't Want You To Know About

Opinion | Craig Richardson
Steyer's war against America's energy producers corresponds with Putin's efforts to subvert American oil and gas production.

It's Time To Ditch Oil

Opinion | Bryan Dean Wright
That seems like a tall order, but is it?

The EPA's "Power Plan" Is An Unlawful Power Grab

Opinion | Marlo Lewis
The EPA's Power Plan will seriously undermine the rule of law, federalism, and the separation of powers.

The Solar Industry Cashes In On Government Subsidies

Opinion | Chris Millis
In some states, subsidies for solar facilities are more than double the facilities' actual costs.

When It Comes To Environmental Extremism, Anything Goes

Opinion | David Schnare
When It Comes To Environmental Extremism, Anything Goes

Green Energy Policies May Haunt Democrats This Fall

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Who's working overtime to paint themselves into the biggest corner of this election cycle? Democrats

Giving Green Energy The Old Google Try

Opinion | Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White
If Google can’t make renewable energy work, does anyone really think Washington can?

Air Force Paid Green Energy Firm $19 Million Without Verifying Its Work

US | Mark Tapscott
'Officials do not know whether the approximately $19 million spent ... will result in energy savings'

How Much US Power Will Solar Generate Next Year?

Business | Michael Bastasch
Hint: a lot less than coal

112 Solar Companies Have Closed Their Doors In 5 Years

Business | Michael Bastasch
'Solar manufacturing overcapacity and price pressure brutally culled the field'

EPA CO2 Rule Challenges Electrical Grid Reliability

US | Michael Bastasch
Government plan may be unworkable in current form

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