Driving the TESLA, protecting national security? - TheDC

US | Dipka Bhambhani

Electric vehicle market launches in Washington with aim to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil

Toyota recalls nearly 1.7 million cars - USA Today

Business | interns

Toyota will recall almost 1.7 million vehicles for fuel leakage malfunctions

Stop paying an arm and leg for gas, get 99 M.P.G. with new Nissan Leaf - NYT

Energy | Pat McMahon

The E.P.A. calculated ratings of 106 m.p.g. in city driving and 92 m.p.g. on highways

Obama admin bought quarter of all Ford, GM hybrids since taking office - Bloomberg

Politics | Vince Coglianese

The U.S. General Services Administration bought at least 14,584 hybrid vehicles in the past two fiscal years

The world's first diesel-electric car - Bloomberg

Tech | interns

Peugeot is revealing the new model this week

Do as I say, not as I do

Opinion | J.D. Thorpe

It is amazing that anyone would point to the Chevy Volt as an example of how Big Government can improve lives. If anything, by subsidizing the Volt’s production, the government has acted criminally.

Green Motors: GM transitions with some help from the fed - TheDC

Business | Matt Purple

Thanks to a helpful hand from the government, GM is reinventing itself as a green company

The 'Unicycle Lady' - Baltimore Sun

Sports | interns

As one of the 32 performers at the Harborplace Amphitheater, Lisa Polinori, 46, entertains the summer crowd despite the recession’s toll

Obama's Mich. trip highlights misguided 'green' battery push - TheDC

US | Joe Tauke

The White House is ignoring the economic realities of producing and using large lithium-ion batteries to power cars

Obama pushes green agenda in Michigan - TheDC

Energy | Amanda Carey

The White House has promised nine new electric battery plants to come from $2.4 billion in Recovery Act funds

Puts and Calls: ‘As goes General Motors, so goes the nation’ - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Tom Karol examines federal government’s rescue of General Motors and the ongoing consequences of the deal

Plans for new battery plant in Ohio - NYT

| interns

Coda Automotive, a California-based electric car company with plans to introduce a sedan late this year, said Tuesday it would build a lithium-ion battery plant in Ohio if it could gain approval of an as-yet unsubmitted Energy Department loan

Toyota buys stake in Tesla Motors Inc. - Bloomberg

Business | interns

The world’s biggest seller of hybrid autos, and Tesla, the only company now selling U.S. highway-legal battery-powered cars join forces

Hybrid technology that subverts common mechanics - The Economist

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Researchers are exploring to build cars using a hybrid material: a carbon composite that is also capable of storing electrical energy. That way, car designers could combine structural form with electrical function

Nissan's electric car will cost less than $32K in US - AP

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Nissan Motor Co. says its Leaf electric car will cost $32,780 when it goes on sale in the U.S. at the end of the year

Wards of the state lobbying Congress for climate change

Opinion | Tom Borelli

GM and its auto industry competitors Chrysler and Ford are lobbying for climate-change legislation

Uncontrolled acceleration: Stopping runaway car - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

US | interns

The latest instance of sudden, uncontrolled acceleration in a Toyota – an incident Monday in which a Prius hit 94 mph on a freeway east of San Diego before the driver got it under control- raises the question: What do you do if this happens to you?

Customers head to Toyota showroom despite recalls

Business | AJ

Between the Super Bowl and word that thousands of Prius hybrids could soon join the millions of vehicles already being recalled, Sunday threatened to be an awful day at Toyota of Glendale