Psychologist: Modern Colleges Are Making Kids Dumber

Education | Blake Neff

‘I feel, therefore it must be true’

CAIR Spokesman Compares Bill Maher To The KKK

Education | Alex Griswold

Funny, they never said anything when Maher was attacking Christians.

From UCSB to Dartmouth: Free speech gets torn up and run over, literally (VIDEO)

Opinion | Greg Lukianoff
Dartmouth College. Photo - public domain

Across the country, socially conservative speech is being suppressed, sometimes with violence.

The New Victorians strike campus yet again

Opinion | Greg Lukianoff

Universities’ efforts to appease the uptight are doing real damage.

Campus censorship, chilled speech and 'Unlearning Liberty'

Opinion | Greg Lukianoff

On today’s college campuses, students are punished for expressing the ‘wrong’ opinions on controversial topics.

How campus censorship makes us all a little bit dumber

Opinion | Greg Lukianoff

Censorship is teaching students all the wrong lessons about free speech and meaningful discourse.

Unlearning liberty: Auburn's censorship of Ron Paul poster is part of larger problem

Education | Greg Lukianoff

Repression of speech has become the new normal at our nation’s universities.

What I should have said at FreedomFest

Feature:Opinion | Greg Lukianoff

The problem of censorship on America’s college campuses is growing worse.

Neil Gaiman and fans of sci-fi classic 'Firefly' save free speech on campus! [VIDEO]

Editorial | Greg Lukianoff

A coalition of sci-fi fans and free speech activists have defeated a Wisconsin university’s censors.

Browncoats--1, Alliance--0: College changes tune on censorship of 'Firefly' poster

op-ed | Greg Lukianoff

The University of Wisconsin-Stout’s administration has finally relented.

Insult to injury: Quote from sci-fi classic 'Firefly' censored on campus

Editorial | Greg Lukianoff

A Wisconsin professor may face criminal charges for displaying ‘Firefly’ and anti-fascism posters on his office door.

9/11 and campus censorship ten years later

Opinion | Greg Lukianoff

Some universities responded to the terrorist attacks by stifling free speech.