NYC Teacher Claims One High School Is A Hotbed For Toxins From 9/11

US | Gabrielle Okun
The Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village private residential development (bottom C) is seen in New York, in this October 26, 2009 file photo. A group led by Tishman Speyer Properties LP is giving up control of the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment complex in Manhattan to creditors, marking the collapse of one of the largest transactions during the U.S. real estate boom. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

‘School should never have been reopened four weeks later’

The Ground Zero Cross suffers for the sins of atheists

Opinion | David Lawrence

‘Don’t let the atheists degrade the holiness of the silence of 9/11 victims with their raucous courtroom antics.’

Heisman winner pays respect to Ground Zero - TMZ

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After winning the Heisman Trophy, Robert Griffin III went to pay respects at Ground Zero

Islamic Center near ground zero holds first event - WABC

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Center offers community space and photography exhibit

Ground Zero to be rebuilt as a bustling city, free of political rhetoric - TheDC

US | Amanda Seitz

‘New York City needed a building — infrastructure — it didn’t need a political message’

Condi says Obama Ground Zero visit 'totally appropriate' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former secretary of state says presidential visit was on behalf of the American people, not the administration

Bush declines Obama invitation to ground zero - AP

Politics | Vince Coglianese

The former president has chosen to remain largely out of the spotlight during his post-presidency

The most significant (and oddest) political moments of 2010 - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

2010 was much more than the election; let’s look back

'Ground Zero mosque' imam to start national speaking tour - NYT

US | Vince Coglianese

Feisal Abdul Rauf says he wants to promote the planned center and to foster dialogue about Muslim life in America

Mosque developer has no plans to move the project - NBC NY

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Sharif El-Gamal spoke Wednesday on the “Today” show

Russian outbids Trump for Ground Zero mosque site - ABC News

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Proposing to build a chess center at the Ground Zero mosque site, World Chess Federation president says he wants to bridge the divide between East and West

Ground Zero mosque: Following the money - POLITICO

Politics | Tom Sileo

Who is funding both sides of the lower Manhattan mosque controversy?

New Yorkers want Islamic center moved, poll finds - NYT

US | Chad Brady (admin)

New York City residents, by a large majority, want a planned Muslim community center and mosque to be relocated to a less controversial site

Capitol Hill panel gets to the bottom of mosque controversy - TheDC

US | Caroline May

‘I think some of it has to do with the fact that we have elected an African-American president and some folks just can’t accept it’

Opinion: You can put lipstick on a pig, but should you bring one to Ground Zero? - TheDC

Opinion | S.E. Cupp

S.E. Cupp: President Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal media don’t know what Islamophobia and intolerance actually look like

Ron Paul: Rand's his own man on the 'mosque' issue - WaPo

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Rep. Ron Paul has split with his son Rand over the mosque near Ground Zero

Imam behind Ground Zero mosque speaks - CNN

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The remarks from Abdul Rauf came while the imam is on a State Department-sponsored trip to the Middle East

Workers pledge they won't build Ground Zero mosque - NY Daily News

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Even facing high unemployment, a growing number of N.Y. builders refuse to work on proposed mosque

Paterson: New spot for mosque would be 'magic moment' in history - NYDN

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Appearing on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Paterson said moving the planned Park51 project farther away from Ground Zero would be a “noble gesture”

NYC Mosque is an opportune distraction

Opinion | Cesar Conda

By first endorsing the plan to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City–and then backtracking from it by saying he wasn’t commenting on the “wisdom” of the project–President Obama managed to do the impossible