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The Ground Zero Cross suffers for the sins of atheists

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‘Don’t let the atheists degrade the holiness of the silence of 9/11 victims with their raucous courtroom antics.’

Heisman winner pays respect to Ground Zero - TMZ

APTOPIX Heisman Trophy Football.JPEG

After winning the Heisman Trophy, Robert Griffin III went to pay respects at Ground Zero

Islamic Center near ground zero holds first event - WABC

Sept 11 America Remembers

Center offers community space and photography exhibit

Ground Zero to be rebuilt as a bustling city, free of political rhetoric - TheDC

1 World Trade Center

‘New York City needed a building — infrastructure — it didn’t need a political message’

Condi says Obama Ground Zero visit 'totally appropriate' - TheDC

Former secretary of state says presidential visit was on behalf of the American people, not the administration

Bush declines Obama invitation to ground zero - AP

The former president has chosen to remain largely out of the spotlight during his post-presidency

The most significant (and oddest) political moments of 2010 - TheDC

2010 was much more than the election; let’s look back

'Ground Zero mosque' imam to start national speaking tour - NYT

Feisal Abdul Rauf says he wants to promote the planned center and to foster dialogue about Muslim life in America

Mosque developer has no plans to move the project - NBC NY

Sharif El-Gamal spoke Wednesday on the “Today” show

Russian outbids Trump for Ground Zero mosque site - ABC News

Proposing to build a chess center at the Ground Zero mosque site, World Chess Federation president says he wants to bridge the divide between East and West

Ground Zero mosque: Following the money - POLITICO

Who is funding both sides of the lower Manhattan mosque controversy?

New Yorkers want Islamic center moved, poll finds - NYT

New York City residents, by a large majority, want a planned Muslim community center and mosque to be relocated to a less controversial site

Capitol Hill panel gets to the bottom of mosque controversy - TheDC

‘I think some of it has to do with the fact that we have elected an African-American president and some folks just can’t accept it’

Opinion: You can put lipstick on a pig, but should you bring one to Ground Zero? - TheDC

S.E. Cupp: President Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Nancy Pelosi and the liberal media don’t know what Islamophobia and intolerance actually look like

Ron Paul: Rand's his own man on the 'mosque' issue - WaPo

Rep. Ron Paul has split with his son Rand over the mosque near Ground Zero

Imam behind Ground Zero mosque speaks - CNN

The remarks from Abdul Rauf came while the imam is on a State Department-sponsored trip to the Middle East

Workers pledge they won't build Ground Zero mosque - NY Daily News

Even facing high unemployment, a growing number of N.Y. builders refuse to work on proposed mosque

Paterson: New spot for mosque would be 'magic moment' in history - NYDN

Appearing on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Paterson said moving the planned Park51 project farther away from Ground Zero would be a “noble gesture”

NYC Mosque is an opportune distraction

By first endorsing the plan to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City–and then backtracking from it by saying he wasn’t commenting on the “wisdom” of the project–President Obama managed to do the impossible

Christie: Both sides playing politics, don't paint all Muslims as 'radical' - Politico

Gov. Chris Christie at a press conference Monday, weighed in with his first words on the ground zero mosque