Gun & Politics: What President Trump Can Learn From Emperor Valerian

Guns and Gear | Susan Smith

Pro Tip: Persians don’t always keep their word

Gun & Politics: Hadrian Built A Magnificent Wall, And It Worked

Gun Laws & Legislation | Susan Smith

If you don’t think walls are effective for keeping out a horde, then we have a history lesson for you

Get Out The Vote — Especially Your Own

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
An election worker sets up a voting booth in the library of Spring Hill Elementary School, which is being used as a polling station in McLean, Virginia

Can you trust a “Pro-gun Democrat” with your vote?

What's the most surprising outcome of the Colorado recall?

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

Author Emily Miller dishes out the best news from the historic recall

Chicago ends gun registration requirement

Guns and Gear | Katie Howland
Rahm Emanuel

‘It was just harassment of law-abiding gun owners, and that’s all it was ever meant to be’

Hope and change: Obama's Organizing for Action drags out Columbine for gun control

Education | Eric Owens

Wednesday was a ‘Day of Action’ for background checks, in case you missed it

Colorado sheriffs sue the state over new gun control laws - TheDCNF

US | Greg Campbell

‘It’s not a matter of whether I choose to enforce it or not. It’s unenforceable’

Bloomberg group hits Jeff Flake with Aurora victim

Politics | Patrick Howley

Mayors Against Illegal Guns brings out mother who previously slammed McCain

Colorado's new gun law drives four recall efforts

US | Greg Campbell
Colorado Election

Four Democrats targeted because of their support for gun control

Bloomberg anti-gun coalition targets Ayotte with new negative ad

Politics | Patrick Howley

Spot to air in New England accuses New Hampshire senator of going Washington

National media exaggerate anti-Ayotte gun control protests

Politics | Alex Pappas

Gun control supporters attended but didn’t overwhelm Granite State Senator’s town hall meetings

Police arrest student for wearing pro-gun NRA shirt to school

Education | Robby Soave
'What they're doing is trying to take away my rights.'

Obama lashes out at GOP, NRA after gun bill fails

Politics | Neil Munro

President blames “90 percent of Republicans in the Senate” for defeat of Toomey/Manchin gun amendment

Obama loses 2014 wedge issue in Senate gun vote

Politics | Neil Munro

After Senate defeat of Toomey/Manchin bill, Democrats will not be able to use gun votes in next year’s House races

White House cites Aurora, Newtown to push gun bill

Politics | Neil Munro

Carney says opponents ‘disagree’ with families of shooting victims

Obama uses mom of dead child for political pitch

Politics | Neil Munro

The hard-nosed use of a dead child’s mother illustrates the president’s determined effort to combine passage of a gun-control bill with an emotional outreach to a constituency that is vital for his hoped-for victory in the 2014 mid-term election.

EXCLUSIVE: ACLU says Reid's gun legislation could threaten privacy rights, civil liberties

Gun Laws & Legislation | Vince Coglianese

‘As we’ve seen with many large government databases, if you build it, they will come’

Adam Lanza evidence list includes probable weapon in mother's murder

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Mike Piccione

A Saiga 12, Savage .22 and an Enfield were found after the shooting

Democrats have sights on gun-control - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Winkler

Everything you need to know about the most recent gun-control debate (but didn’t have anyone to ask), Part II

Part 1: Politicians rearm for gun-control fight - TheDC

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Part 1 of TheDC’s Idiot’s Guide to the Gun-Control Debate