Gun dealers report striking ammunition shortages - TheDCNF

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‘This is a level never seen before’

The Timeless Stackbarrel: Hideout Guns From Bond Derringers - Guns Magazine

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Made in Texas, by Texans – it is the Bond Mini.

Louisiana Pro-Gun Constitutional Amendment Passes State Legislature - NRA - Institute for Legislative Action

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Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment Will be on the Ballot in November

Gun Review: Diamondback DB9 -

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Mike Piccione

The 9mm Diamondback weighs 11 ounces unloaded. It is only 0.80” wide – but how does it compare to other carry guns?

Gun smuggling on Bloomberg’s watch – but he wasn’t watching - Buckeye Firearms Association

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Bloomberg made firearms such a hot commodity in his bailiwick that even his own policemen were tempted by this new lucrative black market taboo.

Gun Review: Colt’s Government Model 22 Long Rifle - American Rifleman

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colt 22

Seriously, how could you not want one of these Colts?

Gun Review: Patriot Ordnance Factory P415 - American Rifleman

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Patriot Article

Accuracy was excellent with every load averaging around an inch and a quarter. Remington 115-grain Matchking BTHP loads had the best single five-shot group measuring .67 inches.

Gun Review: CZ-USA P-07 Duty - Shooting Illustrated

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CZ Duty

In more than 100 rounds, the gun suffered no stoppages, failures to feed or malfunctions of any sort. The best five, five-round group average was turned in by Hornady’s 115-grain Critical Defense FTX—2 7⁄8 inches at 25 yards.

Gun Review: Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact - American Rifleman

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berett storm

It’s light enough for all-day carry, small enough to easily conceal and powerful enough in either 9 mm or .40 S&W for confidence.

Choosing a Self-Defense Handgun That’s Best For You and Your Disability (Part 1) - Shooting Illustrated

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Bob Boyd Article 1

Brand, features and price aren’t as important as making an informative decision based on the limitations associated with a physical disability.

Gun Review: Century International Arms Centurion UC-9 Carbine - Shooting Illustrated

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century arms

For those looking for a simpler, and—just as important—less expensive means of obtaining a fine, semi-automatic facsimile of an Uzi, Century International Arms has a good solution.

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model M&P340 - Shooting Illustrated

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Article Pic - SW 340

Rugged and reliable, the lightweight snubbie digested cylinder after cylinder of .38 Spl. +P and .357 Mag. loads without a hiccup.

WWJC: What Would Jesus Carry? - Doug Giles, Clash Radio

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Doug Giles

However, should my guardian angel be napping or busy doing something else other than trying to keep up with my dumb ass, I’ll be okay, because Smith & Wesson art with me as well.

SIG SAUER Introduces 1911 Fastback - Shooting Illustrated

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By combining modern refinements in the classic American design, SIG SAUER has created 1911s that are as accurate as they are combat- reliable.

Gun Review: GAMO Silent Stalker Whisper - American Hunter

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The Whisper sports a nice fiber-optic sight, which I used to pepper my first few targets. I expect much of its buzz in 2012 will focus on its innovative two-stage Smooth Action Trigger (SAT).

Deval-uing our Civil Rights in Massachusetts - Opinion - Massachusetts Gun Owner

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The reality of living in MA, how the legislators, courts, and AG’s have for decades conspired against the Civil Rights of gun owners…

Flying with Firearms - Women's Outdoor News

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Expect inconsistency, especially with the placement of your firearms declaration form, an orange tag that basically states that you are traveling with unloaded firearms.

GLOCK Introduces New Gen4 Models - American Rifleman

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glock logo

GLOCK will be introducing three new models of its Gen4 Safe Action handgun— Models 21, 32 and 34.

Gun Review: Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle - American Hunter

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Nosler Trophy Grade Rifle

The main reason, I suspect, the average sportsman is unaware of Nosler’s riflemaking is because the company’s rifles have only been for sale to the public since 2005. That the original rifle to hit the market—an embellished, 500-unit limited-edition Nosler Custom Rifle…

Glenn Gilbert’s Top 10 Infantry Rifles - American Rifleman

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Top 10 Infantry Rifles

Rifles that changed the world.