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Chinese Hackers Successfully Take Over A Tesla

California automaker to begin investigation

Hackers Demand Ransom From Domino's For Return Of Stolen Passwords

File picture illustration of the word 'password' pictured on a computer screen taken in Berlin

Domino’s has until 8 p.m. CEST to pay the ransom

FBI Having A Hard Time Hiring Hackers That Aren't Stoners

A man smokes marijuana from a pipe during the 4/20 Rally at the Civic Center in Denver

‘I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals’

US And UK Governments Warn Users Away From Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corp Dean Hachomovitch unveils Internet Explorer 9 Beta version in San Francisco

IE versions 6 to 11 compromised

New Netflix scam aims to steal users' private data

Hackers hide behind fake video-streaming site to infiltrate users' computers

Virginia man claims his information stolen by hackers

‘The possibility of that, even, is — it’s scary’

Report: Iran HACKED Navy computers

UN General Assembly Iran.JPEG

The most recent intrusion was last week

Computer researchers demonstrate how cars can by hacked via laptop


Hackers have researched the concept since 2010

Microsoft data compromised, raising fears of large-scale hacking campaign - TheDC

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren,File)

Twitter also announced on February 1 that user data for 250,000 of its users was potentially compromised

WSJ wants people to know about its Chinese hacker problem too - TheDC

Microsoft-Dell Buyout Negotiations

The publication’s Beijing unit is suspected to have been the entry point for the hackers

Controversial malware allows hackers to hijack camera phones - TheDC

Smartphone Camera

Indiana Univ. technology can help create 3-D reconstructions of surroundings

NSA chief appeals to Defcon hackers for help - CNET

Military Cyberdefense

“In this room right here is the talent we need to secure cyberspace,” he said. “You know we can protect the networks and have civil liberties and privacy and you can help us get there.”

Hackers steal over $74 million from 60 banks in massive attack - Sky News

Computer Cords

Dozens of servers are still ‘grinding away’ in the same attack

Hackers target F1 websites over Bahrain GP - AP

Bahrain F1 GP Auto Racing

A hackers group has claimed responsibility for a denial-of-service attack on the official Formula One website in protest over the running of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

Ten ways your smartphone is vulnerable to hackers - TheDC

South Korea Earns Samsung

The Daily Caller compiled this list to help you lose sleep at night

Symantec hacker to release Norton code Tuesday - Reuters

Military Cyberdefense

‘A hacker who goes by the name of ‘Yama Tough’ threatened Saturday to release next week the full source code for Symantec Corp’s flagship Norton Antivirus software’

Hackers target US security think tank - AP


Promising it was just the start of a weeklong Christmas-inspired assault on a long list of targets

Documentary in the works praising 'Anonymous' hackers - TheDC


Global hacker group Anonymous’s image to be romanced in 2012 movie

UK police arrest two hacking suspects -


Total detained this week in connection with Anonymous and LulzSec attacks rises to seven