The Newest 'Halloween' Movie Looks Like A Joy Ride Of Terror

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Will you see it?

For Halloween, Trudeau Dresses As Superman Ready To Fight Climate Change

World | David Krayden
'We all need to be superheros in the fight against climate change'

Heidi Klum Has A Bizarre Obsession With Halloween

Editorial | Ford Springer
Her costume took seven hours to create. SEVEN!

Here Are The 10 Most Horrific Halloween Crimes In American History

US | Anders Hagstrom
Necrophilia and poisoned pixie sticks

Joy Behar Takes Shots At Trump With Her Halloween Costume This Year

Media | Amber Athey

WATCH: Yale Students Want To Straight-Up Ban Halloween

Education | Rob Shimshock
President Trump is 'a face to white oppression'

Megyn Kelly Impersonates Shania Twain For Halloween And It's PURE CRINGE

Media | Amber Athey

Halloween After College Is Overrated

Editorial | David Hookstead
It's the truth

Halloween Queen Heidi Klum Ranks Her Top 5 Costumes [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
I know my favorite

Man Dressed As Santa Opens Fire On Halloween Party

US | Dave Brooks
'It was a holiday party'

Take A Look At Paris Hilton's Sexiest Halloween Costumes [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Hannah Simmons
She loves Halloween

UK Group Wants Students To 'Check Your Costume' Privilege

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
Your Mexican sugar skull mask might be a form of cultural appropriation.

How Christianity And Paganism Collide In Halloween

US | Joshua Gill
The Witch's New Year

Boomers Are FURIOUS Over This Hilarious Video Mocking CNN

Satire | Dave Brooks
'Mandatory jewelry making for the women'

PHOTOS: Cindy Crawford Wins Halloween In 70's Theme Costume

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich

Celebrate Halloween By Watching This Cannon Blow Apart A Bunch Of Pumpkins

Editorial | David Hookstead
It's awesome

The 'Friday The 13th' Remake Is The Greatest Halloween Movie Ever Made

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It's worth watching

Denver Broncos Player Goes As Von Miller For Halloween - Sex Tape Included

Editorial | David Hookstead

It's The Time Of Year For People To Get Offended With Halloween Costumes

Editorial | Jena Greene
They want to be outraged

These Are The Eight LEAST Politically Correct Halloween Costumes

| Jack Kocsis
Guaranteed to offend

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