Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Kids AGAIN With 'I Ate All Your Halloween Candy' Prank

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘You ruined my life!’

Michelle O Gives Out Candy, Butter Cookies

Politics | Patrick Howley

Let’s move?

Kate Hudson's Halloween Costume Was A Tiny Strip Of Leather [PHOTOS]

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Well, that’s one way to get creative

Sorority Girls Know How To Rock Halloween

Entertainment | Melissa Brown


Jaw-Dropping Jack-O-Lanterns

Entertainment | Catrina Head

Some people get really into the candy-craving, pumpkin-carving holiday.

Winter Is Coming -- But First, Let's Panic Over Costumes!

Opinion | Robert Shibley
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.58.24 AM

It doesn’t take much for a higher-ed bureaucrat to feel offended.

How Halloween Became The Most Divisive Holiday Since The War On Christmas

Opinion | Ulf Kirchdorfer
A costumed character entertains ticketed participants before they enter the haunted trail known as the 'Horseman's Hollow' on the grounds of the historic Philipsburg Manor in celebration of Halloween in Sleepy Hollow, New York

Neither Christians nor PC bullies are all that keen on All Hallows Eve.

Paris Hilton's Scandalous Halloween Costumes Never Do Disappoint

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The heiress has already been a Playboy bunny and Minnie Mouse this year. What’s next?

Elementary Schools Ban Halloween Because Maybe Somebody Could Get Offended

Education | Eric Owens

‘If some people don’t want to participate, then don’t participate’

Walmart Sells 'Fat Girl Costumes' For Halloween

US | Kaitlan Collins

Someone’s getting fired

Liberal Writer: Halloween Causes Climate Change

US | Derek Hunter

Save the planet with ‘green’ candy

IKEA's New Commercial Will Put A 'Shine' On Your Halloween

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri

‘Come and play with us Danny’

The Death Of Adulthood Isn't All Bad

US | Matt K. Lewis
Ladies dressed up for Halloween walk down a sidewalk in Times Square, New York

What Halloween says about our culture

Colorado Cops Worried About Pot Getting Into The Hands Of Trick-Or-Treaters

Daily Caller News Foundation | Greg Campbell

‘If they do, at least they’ll go to bed early’

Muslim student pitches a fit over these awesome Halloween costumes

Education | Eric Owens
Photo: Facebook page of Mahroh Jahangiri screenshot

‘This is disgusting and cannot be tolerated on this campus’

This Halloween prank will ALWAYS be hilarious

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THIS is what Heidi Klum wore on Halloween

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Heidi Klum (Photo: Getty)

The supermodel like you’ve never seen her before

School tells Christian to change out of Jesus costume on Halloween

Education | Eric Owens
Jesus costume. Photo: WGN screenshot

‘We initially were concerned that the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities’