Muslim student pitches a fit over these awesome Halloween costumes

Education | Eric Owens
Photo: Facebook page of Mahroh Jahangiri screenshot

‘This is disgusting and cannot be tolerated on this campus’

This Halloween prank will ALWAYS be hilarious

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler


THIS is what Heidi Klum wore on Halloween

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Heidi Klum (Photo: Getty)

The supermodel like you’ve never seen her before

School tells Christian to change out of Jesus costume on Halloween

Education | Eric Owens
Jesus costume. Photo: WGN screenshot

‘We initially were concerned that the costume could be offensive to religious sensibilities’

The real American blackout

Opinion | Frank Gaffney
Iceland Solar Storm.JPEG

A spooky tale that’s more real than you might think

University reneges on promise to punish students wearing 'offensive' costumes

Education | Robby Soave
Nurse costume/Paint

Quinnipiac University backs off after claiming students would face discipline process

You know you can't resist a good campus ghost story

Education | The College Fix
Photo: Facebook/Fordham University

A haunted fraternity, the unexplained scent of fresh cornbread and apparitions galore

15 outrageously NSFW Halloween pumpkin carvings

Slideshow | Jake Harris

Some are funny, others are disturbing, all are creative

Pumpkins that look like politicians

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

The resemblance is uncanny

50 of the sluttiest possible Halloween costumes [SLIDESHOW]

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Thanks to the Internet, it is incredibly easy to obtain the sluttiest garment possible

Universities say Halloween costumes are offensive, of course

Education | Robby Soave

Just stick to being a ‘sexy’ ghost

Catholic League outraged that imam costumes don't come with erections

Entertainment | The Daily Caller
Happy Priest Halloween

The Happy Priest is not welcome at mass

This pug's Halloween costume is better than any human's ever will be

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

You have to see this

So you need a Halloween costume?

Entertainment | Faith Braverman

This flow chart has you covered

Halloween decorations knock Obamacare

Entertainment | Charlotte Errity
Source." href="">Obamacare Halloween decorations. Image: NBC Charlotte.

Front lawn transformed into Obamacare graveyard

14 scariest movies we've ever seen

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TheDC staff on what movies scarred us for life

Top 6 SCARIEST Halloween pranks

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Zombies! Ghosts!

Horror movie hotties

Entertainment | Whitney Waters

These ladies stole our heart in movies that stole our screams

Are these Halloween decorations a tad over the top?

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What would you think if you saw a couple of dead bodies in your neighbor’s driveway?