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Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False


Open carry laws didn’t result in anarchy – gun banners lament

Concealed Carry Answers: What Is dual force?


How many levels of defense do you carry?

Gun Test: Ruger New Bearcat Shopkeeper

Ruger bearcat shopkeeper

The new Ruger just feels right

Gun Test: FNH FNX 9mm - Gun Digest


“The FNH FNX 9mm is made in the USA and retails for $699″

Tactically Speaking: Know your weapons and know yourself - The Shooting Channel

Dan during tactical knives training0001

“I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of military members, law enforcement officers and civilians”

Training for High-Stress Self-Defense Shooting at Home - David Morris

urban survival book cover

Do you know the ‘ice drill?” David Morris’s training will push you hard.

Stand and Defend: Why a shooters stance or position is important for self-defense - The Shooting Channel


“Stay Trained, Stay Armed, Stay Prepared”

Gun Test: SCCY Industries CPX-2 - American Rifleman


This is a 15 oz. 9mm under $300

Biden: Gun-ban legislation “Just the Beginning” — Pelosi: “Not the end of the day for this Issue” - National Rifle Association - ILA


“The anti-gunners see momentum from tragedy”

Self-defense behind the wheel - American Rifleman


Fighting with a gun from your vehicle

Gun Test: Ruger 22/45 Mark III Lite - American Rifleman


The Mark III Lite is a lighter version .22 semi-auto with a 1911 grip.

1911 Magazines - Shooting Illustrated

1911 mags bob boyd

Which one should you buy?

Gun Test: Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry - Shooting Illustrated


Bersa’s first striker-fired, polymer-frame handgun

10 Tactical gun training tips for beginners - Z7 Tactical


Confused about what kind of training is right for you?

The Armed Citizen: homeowner kills criminal, woman saves sister, 70 year-old coach defends players - National Rifle Association - ILA


True stories of when a gun saved a life

FACT CHECK: No, the government didn't just purchase 21,600,000 rounds of ammo - TheDC

APTOPIX Connecticut School Shooting Legislature

Reporters from a variety of news websites wildly misreported the size of DHS’ ammo buy

FNH USA announces release of new .45 ACP pistol - FNH USA


And it holds 15+1

Daily Caller gun winner reviews his FMK 9mm - TheDC


Got FMK? American made and shoots nicely

Gun Test: Bersa BP9CC - American Rifleman


Good shooter, but not the most refined manufacturing.

A 9/11 Hero’s Revolver - American Rifleman

walt weaver

This revolver was the only tangible link to Walter Weaver’s life found in the carnage and debris of the World Trade Center.