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'I Started A Whole Fake Hate-Crime Thing... So I Didn't Have To Do My Homework'

Bad Teacher / Youtube screenshot

‘That’s the level of hubris that I was working under’

Prosecutor: Lesbian woman lied about hate crime - AP

Charlie rogers

Charlie Rogers of Lincoln, Nebraska told police three masked men attacked her in her home and carved anti-gay slurs in her skin

Carney declines to say if FRC shooting was a 'hate crime' - TheDC

Jay Carney

Under federal law, attacks motivated by dislike of a religion can be treated as a ‘hate crime’

Ex-Rutgers student Dharun Ravi gets 30-Day jail term, probation - WNYC

Dharun Ravi

The former Rutgers student was convicted of invasion of privacy and a hate crime for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate

TheDC Sports: Tigers slugger charged with hate crime after Manhattan incident - TheDC

APTOPIX ALCS Rangers Tigers Baseball.JPEG

According to reports, Delmon Young shouted, “F**king Jews! F**king Jews!” and then attacked a man.

McHate crimes

A conservative case for hate crimes legislation.

Hate crimes increase against New York Jews - NY Post

Anti-Semitic incidents, which made up 37 percent of the reported hate crimes, were up 15 percent in one year, from 219 in 2008 to 251 in 2009

Holder reassures Muslims of DOJ is not anti-Muslim - AP

Attorney general defends tactics in sting operations like the one that nabbed a jihadist plotting against an Oregon Christmas tree celebration

FBI: Jews more likely to be attacked than Muslims - TheDC

FBI hate crime stats show Jews more likely to be attacked for religion than Muslims

Byrd’s legacy? Bigotry, racism and hypocrisy

It’s worth noting that this champion among Democrats will leave behind a legacy of bigotry, racism, and hypocrisy that flies directly in the face of the values his party claims to hold so dear

A Byrd of completely different feather - TheDC

The deceased senator was not only a KKK member but led his local Klan chapter