This Air Purifier Is So Good At Cleaning The Air, Every Single Reviewer Gave It 5 Out Of 5 Stars

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AND it is 40 percent off with this code

Why Your Kids Might Be Able To See Better If They Play Outdoors More Often

Health | The Conversation
Boys playing outside (Photo: Shutterstock)

Kids need to go outside

Rich American Seniors Are Getting Healthier, Leaving The Poor Behind

Opinion | The Conversation
Elderly couple on yacht (Photo: Shutterstock)

Gains in good health primarily go to more advantaged groups

An Essential Oil Diffuser Is A Modern Must-Have, And This One Is 80 Percent Off

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Japanese for “air in the morning”

EXCLUSIVE: Save On Superfood Supplements With This Discount Code

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It genuinely tastes delicious (Photo via Amazon)

Power up your immune system

100-Year-Old Woman Says Wine Is The Key To A Long Life

US | Henry Rodgers
Monvinic's head sommelier Isabelle Brunet shows a bottle of wine in their wine cellar in Barcelona, Spain June 22, 2017. REUTERS/Albert Gea - RTS188U7

‘I like my wine. Don’t take it away from me’

This Nifty Tool Will Help You Eat Healthier And It's Over 60% Off

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This guy is taking advantage of how healthy his "pasta" can be (Photo via Amazon)

It’s like eating pasta but without the carb regret!

Wanna Run, Know Where You Are, And Tell The Time All At Once?

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The fēnix 3 is good for hiking (Amazon Video screenshot)

Garmin smartwatches are over half off today

Stay On Top Of Your Blood Pressure, With This #1 Most Popular Monitor (On Sale Today Only)

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This connects to your smartphone (Photo via Amazon Video)

Wireless, bluetooth, extremely popular

Hillary: I've Passed Out 'A Few Times'

Elections | Derek Hunter

‘I think, really only twice that I can recall’

Fitbits Just Got Better

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This dude is wearing the new Fitbit Flex and no one can even tell (Photo via Amazon)

Waterproof. Finally!

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain (Without Shelling Out A Grand)

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This cushion will save your back (Photo via Amazon)

I just might get three or four

Study: 98% Of Head Lice In 42 States Now Resistant To Common Treatments

US | Kerry Picket

It’s getting kind of itchy

How Fly Fishing Is Helping Veterans Find Peace Of Mind

US | Jack Rodgers
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

‘It’s hard to be focused on anything else when the beauty of nature replaces all of that negative energy’

Can Coffee Cause Cancer? Only If It's Very Hot, Say WHO Scientists

World | Reuters
A man holds an Americano at a Starbucks coffee shop in Seoul

‘Great news for coffee drinkers’

FDA Finds Evidence of 'Deadly Bacteria' At Hipster Grocery Haven

Health | Elena Weissmann

Inspectors also found condensation dripping onto food.