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Despite campaign claims, new biography says Obama's mother had health insurance - TheDC

Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama

Dunham had to pay some out-of-pocket expenses but did have health insurance, according to book by New York Times reporter

Pawlenty takes shot at Romney on Twitter after shying away in debate - TheDC

Republicans Debate

‘On doing healthcare reform the right way as governor: Me 1, Mitt 0′

Obamacare transparency fail - TheDC

Kathleen Sebelius

Who’s still waiting for waivers and who got denied? Obama won’t tell us

Romney ramps up health care offensive with op-ed, speech - TheDC

Romney Presidency

Former Mass. governor has supported individual mandate on state — not federal — level

Missouri's Dem AG sides against Obamacare - Legal Newsline

Attorney General Chris Koster is supporting the 26 Republican state attorneys general and governors filing suit against Obamacare

One year later, Obamacare is still bad policy

The health care law will hit small businesses especially hard.

Obamacare: So many promises, so little truth

It’s now entirely clear why Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare to know what it contained.

Starbucks calls for health care that helps, not harms, small businesses - TheDC

Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz said current health care reform offers the right goals, but will ultimately harm small businesses

Nothing short of repeal will save the states

Washington cannot simply defund Obamacare.

Willie Sutton Never Met a Payroll

Get lost, Willie Sutton …

Obama admin honors judge's order, appeals Obamacare ruling - NJ

Coming in two days short of court-ordered deadline, admin appeals Fla. judge’s ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional

Bipartisan Senate duo wants Medicare to make payments to doctors public - The Hill

Sens. Ron Wyden and Chuck Grassley are collaborating on legislation to make Medicare payments public

Obama's budget offers few clues on health overhaul - AP

GOP opponents to the President claim that his budget hides much of the health care costs

Coulter: If commerce clause allows insurance mandate, GOP should mandate guns and a Bible - TheDC

‘There’s a lot more evidence that owning a gun and a Bible is better for society than everyone having to own health insurance’

This Congress has its work cut out

We need to drastically reduce spending.

Medicare actuary more confident in Ryan's 'Road Map' than Obamacare for driving down costs - TheDC

‘The Road Map has that potential’

Bush's third term continues

Bush might as well have delivered last night’s State of the Union address.

The engine of competition

At its heart, Obamacare is anti-competitive. That’s why we need full repeal.

A political poison: opposing government-run health care repeal

Democrats have failed to learn from the American people’s repudiation of their job-destroying agenda.

'You're standing by this??' - TheDC

CNN host questions Tennessee Democrat on hypocrisy of comparing GOP ‘lies’ to propaganda