Hating Israel: BDS Stands For 'Bigoted Double Standards'

Opinion | David Cohen

The anti-Israel crusade is an anti-Jewish crusade.

Obama's Iran deal sounds a lot like Clinton's failed North Korea deal

Video | Patrick Howley
1994: 'We will suspend our efforts to pursue sanctions if there was a verifiable freeze on the nuclear program'

When Helen Thomas turned on Obama

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘What the hell do they think we are, puppets? They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them’

Obama praises recently-deceased, controversial journalist Helen Thomas

Politics | Neil Munro

Thomas once said Jews should ‘get the hell out of Palestine’

Helen Thomas honored by the Palestinian Authority - TheDC

World | Adam Jablonowski

Thomas ‘defended the Palestinian position every step of the way,’ says Palestinian government

Palestinians honor columnist Helen Thomas - AP

World | admin

Thomas said in 2010 that Israelis should get ‘out of Palestine’ and go to ‘Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else’

Helen Thomas claims to have reapplied for W.H. press pass - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Nothing can replace being there when you’re a reporter’

Helen Thomas to discuss end of 'colonialism' in Palestine at upcoming event - TheDC

US | Steven Nelson

Thomas’ fifty-year career ended in 2010 after she said that Israeli Jews should ‘get the hell out of Palestine’

Helen Thomas to appear in Playboy - Sac Bee

Entertainment | Laura Donovan

Helen Thomas will be interviewed in Playboy’s April issue

Helen Thomas accused SPJ officer of working for the Israeli government - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

After losing an award named in her honor, the former White House correspondent alleged a conspiracy

Report: Jimmy Carter consoled Helen Thomas last summer after controversial remarks - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Falls Church News-Press editor Nicholas Benton reveals sympathizers of longtime White House press corps reporter after anti-Semitic remarks — Rosie O’Donnell and former President Jimmy Carter

Helen Thomas doubts Obama's liberalism: 'Because he was black, I thought he would automatically be [liberal]' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former ‘dean of the White House press corps’ doubles down on 2010 remarks about Israel and blames ‘organized lobbyists in favor of Israel’ for backlash

SPJ will no longer 'honor' journalists by comparing them to Helen Thomas - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

The Society of Professional Journalists eliminates its Helen Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award

Lefty Virginia paper hires embattled Helen Thomas - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

Falls Church News-Press gives former Hearst Newspapers columnist in spite of 2010 anti-Semitic remarks

Helen Thomas lands a new job as local newspaper columnist - ARL

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas has come out of a seven-month retirement to write a column for the Falls Church News-Press

The DC breaks out the crystal ball - TheDC

US | Jamie Weinstein

As 2010 fades away and 2011 prepares to dawn, here are 11 things that we predict will happen in 2011

Helen Thomas' school scraps award over 'Zionists' remark - CNN

US | Vince Coglianese

The alma mater of journalist Helen Thomas will not bestow an award that had been given in her name

Helen Thomas gets vile again

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Helen Thomas, ninety and nutty, just can’t stop. But now she’s taking the anti-Semitic bigotry to a new level.

Helen Thomas may be losing it - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Anti-Defamation League calls on universities to strip Helen Thomas of all professional honors following anti-Jewish speech