Federal Agents Seize Another Shipment Of Harmless Hemp Seeds

US | Greg Campbell

‘They were just a little confused as to what to do’

'If Obama Allows This, He'll Go Down As The Hemp President'

US | Ariel Cohen
Festival goers are given bags of Doritos corn chips by Seattle Police Department officers during the Hempfest rally in Seattle

The farm bill allows certain farmers across the country to plant and sell hemp seed, a cousin to marijuana

Colorado clears the way for industrial hemp farming

US | Greg Campbell
Martos holds a marijuana leaf at the Canna Pi medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle

As long as the feds don’t get in the way

Hemp-made Fourth of July flag brings Old Glory back to its Betsy Ross roots

US | Greg Campbell

The U.S. is the only industrialized country that doesn’t allow hemp farming

Farm bill amendment seeks to allow hemp production

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‘Voters across the country have made it clear that they believe industrial hemp should be regulated as agricultural commodity, not a drug’

Amid the haze of new Colorado legal pot rules, a small victory for hemp - TheDCNF

US | Greg Campbell
Colorado marijuana. AP Images.

Now it’s farmers who wonder if the feds will come knocking

Sens. McConnell, Paul join forces to legalize hemp

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Mitch McConnell

Bill ‘will allow Kentucky farmers to harness the economic potential that industrial hemp can provide’

Marijuana: the victimless crime that costs New York State $15 billion a year

Feature:Opinion | Kristin Davis

New York’s pot ban is costing the state $15 billion a year if you account for lost tax revenue, lost economic activity and enforcement costs.

Schwarzenegger decriminalizes marijuana in California - Drug War Chronicle

Politics | Pat McMahon

The governor signed the law that would treat possession of pot, up to one ounce, as an infraction with a maximum penalty of $100 fine

San Fran marijuana regs draw high marks from pot advocates - TheDC

US | Chris Moody

New rules take the Golden State one step closer to making pot a mainstream product

Recipe for trouble - ABC

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A man carrying a frozen leg of lamb in his luggage was arrested at the airport, after 106 grams of cannabis was found hidden inside. A woman he was traveling with was also arrested after a pilot spotted a 27 gram bag of cannabis fall from her dress

NY Gov. candidate: 'I can think of few acts as harmless as smoking a joint, even in a public park.' - The Daily Caller

Politics | Pat McMahon

Kristin Davis, NY gubernatorial candidate, advocates for the legalization of marijuana

Weed growers worry about legalization - Reuters

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Now, a state voter initiative on the November ballot that would make California the first U.S. state to legalize and tax this cash crop has locals jittery about losing their dominant market position

15,000 toke up legally in Bay Area - San Francisco Chronicle

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People have been toking up in the Cow Palace parking lot for more than 50 years. This was the first time it was legal

Smokin' in style - Dscriber

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Glitzy Aspen the site of Cannabis Crown competition, where more than 140 strains of marijuana will be judged to determine which grower has the kindest buds

Pot leads to confusion

Opinion | Nicholas Thimmesch II

If the byzantine “health care reform” legislation put forth by President Obama and his willing accomplices in Congress wound up running more than 2,500 pages, then imagine how complicated laws pertaining to the legalization of marijuana are and will be in America

On pot watch - THAINDIAN NEWS

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A group of police officers were escorting a transfer truck carrying more than 1700 pounds of marijuana when the marijuana mysteriously disappeared

Marijuana will fuel the next Napa Valley

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One plant can produce as much as $5,000 worth of marijuana, at a street price of about $200 an ounce; by comparison, a single grape vine rarely can produce more than $100 of wine. Many people, including government members, say legalization is likely by the end of the decade