henry kissinger

Morning Mirror: Women Give Author Of 'Sh**** Media Men' Spreadsheet A Big Kiss

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Trump Denies Undercutting Tillerson

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
Says he still has confidence in his secretary of state

Merkel Praises 'Working Relationship' With The Trump Family

World | Jacob Bojesson
'Delighted' by Ivanka's visit to Berlin

Trump Dismissed Intel Briefings Before He Was Sworn In. Now He Receives Them Regularly.

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
The U.S. has bombed two countries in the last month

Kissinger Gets On Board The Trump Train

Opinion | David Krayden
NeverTrumpers should act accordingly today.

Kissinger Heaps Praise On Trump And His White House Win

Politics | Phillip Stucky
'Something remarkable and new'

Kissinger Calls Trump A 'Phenomenon' With 'Extraordinary Opportunity'

Politics | David Krayden
'I believe he has the possibility of going down in history as a very considerable president.'

Henry Kissinger's Chinese Institute's Logo Means 'Gay' In Chinese

World | Alex Pfeiffer

WikiLeaks Dumps 500k More Documents

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'If any year could be said to be the 'year zero' of our modern era, 1979 is it'

'Shocked' China Fears Inevitability Of Confrontation With US

World | Ryan Pickrell
Trump's win casts uncertainty over U.S.-China ties

Henry Kissinger To Endorse Clinton

Elections | Phillip Stucky
'God help us'

The Risk Of Iranian Terror: The Straits Of Hormuz In Danger

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Could Iran now successfully close the Strait of Hormuz? New factors suggest the answer to that question is 'Yes.'

Why Won't The Saudis Who Resent Trump Drop Their Ban On Jews?

Opinion | David Benkof
Israelis are formally excluded, and most Jews are denied entry, too

Tougher Sanctions Necessary To Force Iran To Change Its Terrorist Ways

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Obama’s grand-bargain Iranian vision is creating a powder keg.

What If Nobody In Washington Knows How To Stop Iran Nukes?

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Deal or no deal

'Are We In Nursery School?': David Brooks Slams Marie Harf Over Kissinger, Shultz Op-Ed Criticism

Politics | Al Weaver
'Somebody’s got to come up with better talking points'

That Time John Kerry Tried To Negotiate With A Hostile Government Behind A President's Back

Politics | Kerry Picket
'He's not secretary of state'

Experts Rank John Kerry Least Effective Secretary Of State In 50 Years

US | Alex Griswold
Ranked 13 out of 13

McCain To Protesters: 'Get Out Of Here, You Low-Life Scum'

US | Chuck Ross
'I have never seen anything as disgraceful'

Kissinger: US Must Send Clear Message After ISIS Beheadings

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Something has to crystalize out of this violence, and it won't happen without our leadership'

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