McCain To Protesters: 'Get Out Of Here, You Low-Life Scum'

US | Chuck Ross

‘I have never seen anything as disgraceful’

Kissinger: US Must Send Clear Message After ISIS Beheadings

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘Something has to crystalize out of this violence, and it won’t happen without our leadership’

CHINACARE: Americans completely reliant on China for antibiotics

World | Christopher Bedford
A Chinese regiment on Jan. 29, 2013 in Heilongjiang Province of China Getty Images.

Year of the (War) Horse

You'll NEVER GUESS what Henry Kissinger's son does

Entertainment | Jamie Weinstein
Conan O'Brien

He’s apparently a funny, funny guy

Krauthammer on US-Syria fallout: Chances of Israeli strike on Iran are double

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Israelis know there is no hope of any help from outside. They’re going to have to go it alone, if they go it at all’

Making the world safe for nuclear weapons

Opinion | Adam Lowther

Nuclear weapons keep us safe. Eliminating them would be a mistake.

Huntsman confirms announcement, talks China with Kissinger - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey
Republicans 2012

Huntsman demos foreign policy knowledge, talks 2012 in discussion with former secretary of state

10 Questions with Matt Labash - TheDC

US | Jamie Weinstein

The Weekly Standard writer on Cheney, Hitchens and the three books that influenced him most

Twenty-Four Seven - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former secretary of state warns the White House is attempting to overcompensate for being caught off guard by the Egyptian uprising

China is a competitor, not a partner

Opinion | Ed Ross

The U.S. and China will always be competitors. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking otherwise.

Beijing Opera comes to Washington

Opinion | Stephen Yates

The US needs a different approach to dealing with China.

Assange sex charges sound bogus

Opinion | Roger Stone

This is a snatch and grab.

Pork bill showdown: a win for the GOP

Opinion | Ron Hart

Some call the Democrats “socialists,” but I think it is worse than that.

In arms treaty tussle, what would Reagan do? - NYT

Politics | Chad Brady (admin)

Dueling op-ed columns in two leading newspapers on Thursday morning reflected the battle over who speaks for Reagan

When to START? - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

Obama and GOP reach first post-election standoff over Russian arms treaty

TheDC Interview: Pete Wehner on the Christian challenge to the Tea Party - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

The author discusses how the days of the Moral Majority are gone and a new Christian politics is taking shape

Fidel Castro: bin Laden a 'CIA agent' - AP

Politics | admin

Former Cuban communist leader claims Bush administration used terrorist to ‘scare the world’

TheDC Review: 'Hitch 22: A Memoir' by Christopher Hitchens - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

9/11 changed Hitchens. As he witnessed his colleagues justify the brutal attacks on America, he knew he could not stand with them