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GOP uses budget to hit Democratic senators

Patty Murray

Democratic budget would kill 12,500 jobs over ten years in Louisiana, Heritage says

Rand Paul to outline 'constitutional conservative' foreign policy - TheDCNF

Rand Paul

‘Sen. Paul will ask what qualifies as America’s genuine national interest’

DeMint to resign from Senate to head Heritage Foundation - TheDC

Jim DeMint

‘I’m leaving the Senate now, but I’m not leaving the fight’

Big Foot, unicorns and the conservative case for Obamacare

The art of selling liberal policies as conservative reforms.

Study: Romney's tax plan won't soak middle class - TheDCNF

Romney 2012.JPEG

Heritage Foundation disputes assumptions behind Obama campaign claims

Studies support Romney's concern about government dependence - TheDCNF

Romney 2012

Over 70 percent of government spending goes to what Heritage describes as ‘dependence programs’

Report: Gov't employees work less than private sector employees - TheDCNF

Federal Employee Rally

Government employees work three hours per week less and roughly one month less per year than their private sector counterparts

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Ed Meese, Heritage Foundation - TheDC

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Ed Meese, Heritage Foundation

Ed Meese: Get back to Reagan economic policies - TheDC

Ed Meese: Get back to Reagan economic policies [VIDEO]

GOP lawmakers, think-tankers march toward uprooting Obamacare - TheDC

Obamacare 3091102

Press club event brings out anti-tax, anti-regulation, small business arguments

Heritage Foundation president: Obama doesn't believe in American exceptionalism - TheDC

Barack Obama Health Care

‘In America, we are all blank slates who can write our own destiny. That’s not the way Obama thinks of [it]‘

UK official: Rising American debt could undermine national security - TheDC

Defence Secretary Liam Fox Facing Inquiry Into Ministerial Conduct

‘You cannot be strong if you are broke. Debt is a national security issue’

Heritage Foundation celebrates Reagan's birthday with Facebook app - TheDC

Ronald Reagan

Heritage Foundation celebrates Reagan’s 101st birthday with Facebook app

For 4th year running, US falls in economic freedom - TheDC

Detroit - Paul Sancya -AP

Report: Rise in corruption, spending, decline in monetary freedom, investment freedom, combine for decline

Report: US defense spending averaged 50 percent over country's first 70 years - TheDC

US Regiment of Infantry at Chateauguay

Heritage Foundation: Major disconnect between those who’d cut defense spending and Founding Fathers

Scrooge: Obama administration to tax Christmas trees - TheDC

Capitol Tree

USDA announces new tax to help Christmas trees beat artificial competitors

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Is 'international law' infringing on US rights? - TheDC

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Visit The Daily Caller Monday morning for a look at the conflict between national sovereignty and ‘global governance’

Rep. Paul Ryan to Elizabeth Warren: Wrong [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘The notion that the nucleus of society is the government … is to me just completely, inherently backwards’

Heritage Foundation: 'Shame on McConnell' - TheDC

Obama Debt Showdown

‘Shame on the politically motivated McConnell’, conservative think tank says

Heritage Foundation releases its own budget proposal - TheDC

Congress Budget

Titled ‘Saving the American Dream,’ the plan goes a step further than Paul Ryan’s ‘Path to Prosperity’ in many areas