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High school dude pulls out large dildo in the middle of pep rally

YouTube screenshots/Destiny Heinold

School officials then go berserk, punish everybody

Student hugs his teacher, gets suspended for a YEAR for sexual harassment

Photo collage: CBS Atlanta

Hugs now substantially worse and riskier than drugs, apparently

Too hard: Texas drops algebra II as high school graduation requirement

confused kid looking at math problem. Photo: Getty Images

Quadratic equations? We don’t need no stinking quadratic equations!

Can it possibly be true that Facebook makes high school kids better writers?

kid looking at computer. Photo: Getty Images

A high school English teacher opines

Hundreds will protest Islam lovefest history textbook foisted on high school students

Photo: WFTV screenshots

‘In America today, Christianity is being relegated to the trash heap’

After his kid's high school football team loses 91-0, dad files BULLYING complaint

91-0. Photo: KDFW screenshot

‘Unsportsmanlike conduct from 7:30 – 10:00′

Watch this high school marching band's six tuba pileup during halftime show

Nobody tuba players were harmed in the making of this YouTube clip

Crusading journalist decides America should get rid of high school sports

high school football. Photo: Getty Images

USA should be more like economic powerhouses ‘Finland and Korea’

Health quiz grills ninth-graders on support for 'pro-environmental candidates'

New Canaan survey final

‘Practicing good health habits’ means voting for the environment, reusing tin foil

Education sec: Let teens hit the snooze button

School Start Times.JPEG

Arne Duncan wants school to start high school later in the day

A live indoor rifle range at a public high school: awesome or totally awesome?

Atlanta high school indoor rifle range. Photo: WSB-TV screenshot

Extravagant new North Atlanta High called ‘a model for an urban high school’

The Daily Caller presents: The first annual High School Stupidity Awards

Photo: high school collage (left to right): WFXT FOX 25 Boston, Twitter Carly Crunk Bear, Facebook Valerie Dodds, Tumblr Chicano Rights, YouTube screenshot, Flickr manda_wong

Competition was fierce, but these schools produced the most cringe-worthy moments

Teen porn star got naked, pleasured herself with crucifix on school grounds

Valerie Dodds. Facebook

‘That sounds fun to me’

New details emerge in teen lesbian's arrest for underage sex

Same Sex Teen Arrest

‘It could possibly ruin her future’

Obama to high school classmate: 'You are extremely sweet and foxy'

President Obama's high school prom photos (Screenshot via Today Show)

Former classmate Kelli Allman discovered photos of Obama at prom in 1979 and what he wrote in her yearbook

High school pimp allegedly forced 15-year-old into sex trade [VIDEO]

Travis Lekas CBS DFW screenshot

Police say the 17-year-old hoped to grow Dallas-area business by recruiting middle schoolers

Student suspended for tweeting that school sports teams were bad - TheDCNF


Class president accused of ‘cyberbullying’

Two students arrested for videotaped sex frolic in Florida high school library

library sex

‘Obviously, nobody was paying attention. So it just went on.’

Yearbook: Gun control advocate John Kerry was in his high school's rifle club - TheDC

Kerry yearbook rifle club

Extracurricular activity listed between debating society and ‘Le Cercle Francais’