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Poll: Hispanics turn on Obamacare

Acosta, patient care coordinator at AltaMed, speaks to a man during a community outreach on Obamacare in Los Angeles

Obama took 75 percent of state Hispanics in 2012…see what they think now

Principal forces cult-like political rally on grade school kids for paid Cesar Chavez holiday [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots Amer Daily Indy

‘All of the sudden the principal was yelling viva this and viva that’

Obama's approval ratings dip among Hispanics

Obama Health Overhaul.JPEG

‘[I]t is also a troubling sign for the Democratic Party’

Bienvenidos! Minorities to surpass whites in Illinois public schools

Hispanic kids in school. Photo: Getty Images

Chicago suburbs, exurbs cope with mass Hispanic migration

Prof offers class help to 'STUDENTS OF COLOR ONLY'

TCU mascot Superfrog/Wikimedia Commons

‘I straight up just got segregated by my own teacher’

Is this the Least Interesting Man in the World?

interesting. Photo (left to right): Creative Commons/Arobbin1, Arizona Daily Independent, YouTube screenshot

‘It was a very stupid prank by someone who wants to be taken seriously’

Ted Cruz: Real Latino

Ted Cruz

Despite racist campaign against ‘LINO’ senator, the Texas senator started Latino law review, did Hispanic outreach

Bill Richardson rejects Ted Cruz's Hispanic heritage because of immigration stance

Richardson: 'I don't think he should be defined as a Hispanic'

Gallup report: GOP unlikely to gain much traction with Latinos

Illegal immigrants

Hispanics boosted their share of the electorate to roughly 10 percent in 2012

How conservatives can reach Hispanic voters

Conservatives need to offer an inspirational message that will appeal to all Americans, including Hispanics.

Amnesty won't magically make Hispanics more Republican

The Democratic Latino vote is a problem that defies easy, immigration-related solutions.

The GOP is going to be fine: A post-mortem on election post-mortems

The Republican Party remains well positioned to win future elections.

The 'you can't outflank Democrats on immigration' fallacy

Why Democrats won’t shift any further left on immigration.

GOP needs to get serious about immigration reform

If Republicans want to be able to win national elections going forward, they must shift course on immigration.

GOP summit focuses on training Hispanic candidates to 'grow the Republican family' - TheDC

Vote Here in English and Spanish

‘The goal of the Future Majority Project is to have a long-term, sustainable effort to grow the Republican family’

Hispanic voters furious about Obama contraception decision - TheDC


Proposed regulation ‘has caused an incredible amount of consternation and angst in the Hispanic community’

Rubio: Immigration not only issue for Hispanics - AP

Marco Rubio

Rubio says that while immigration is of critical importance, economic security weighs more heavily on Hispanics’ minds.

Obama to Hispanics: Eight words of promise, three years of raids

The president hasn’t made good on his promises to the Hispanic community.

Obama's inspectors hunt for Ala. law abuses, suffer appeals court setback - TheDC

Alabama Immigration Law

Officials ‘see every Alabaman as having a Bull Connor on the inside waiting to come out’

President: 'I wish I had a magic wand' - TheDC


‘There are times where — until Nancy Pelosi is speaker again, I’d like to work my way around Congress’