Black Lives Matter Founder Claims Trump Is Waging Genocide On Par With Hitler

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘Trump is literally the epitome of evil’

Google Redefines The Word 'Fascism' To Smear Conservatives, Protect Liberal Rioters

Opinion | Derek Hunter
Google logo (Getty Images)

Google President Sergey Brin is a vocal anti-Trump activist and supporter of left-wing politics.

How A Debate Over Racial Profiling Gets Lost In Nazi Analogies

| Philip Rosenthal

Love him or hate him, I am not aware of Donald Trump exterminating millions of people.

Google Compares Trump To Hitler On Search ... Again

Politics | Phillip Stucky
Walker, Hitler, Trump

The global search giant Google compared Trump to Hitler in a recent Google search

Destroying Democracy With The Weapons Of Democracy

Opinion | Alan Keyes

Donald Trump reflects the philosophical assumptions of God-rejecting socialism.

Giving Thanks That WaPo Media Blogger's Wife Is Alleged Human Pooper Scooper

Washington Gadfly | Evan Gahr
And let's not forget Ed Schultz

The Jong Show: Kim Jong-il doesn't just rule North Korea, he is North Korea - TheDC

World | Jeff Winkler

An Interview with Shane Smith, the man behind ‘The Vice Guide to North Korea,’ on the occasion of Kim Jong-il’s auspicious 69th birthday

WikiLeaks -- danger or disinfectant?

Opinion | Ron Hart

Part of me wants to keep our government in check and applaud WikiLeaks. Another part wants our government to be able to kill terrorists.

Milbank loses his head over O'Reilly wanting it - TheDC

US | Jeff Winkler

Washington Post’s Dana Milbank takes O’Reilly’s beheading threat seriously

Being Hitler - AP

World | admin

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler liked to have bread and marmalade for breakfast and was described as mild-mannered during personal exchanges

It's silly season in America

Feature:Opinion | Rick Robinson

The 10 worst political plays of the 2010 election season, so far.

Frank calls fellow Dems 'submissive' - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

Barney Frank defends caustic town hall, calls other Dems ‘submissive’

Parents denied custody of children after using Nazi-inspired names - AP

US | admin

A New Jersey couple who gave their children Nazi-inspired names should not regain custody of them, a state appeals court ruled Thursday

Orszag heckled at Brookings to classical tune - TheDC

Politics | Paul Conner

Organizer with LPAC called outgoing OMB director and Larry Summers ‘fascist pigs’ and called Obama’s health care plan ‘Hitler approved’

Israel, the double standard, and power

Opinion | Kendrick Macdowell

Israeli leaders cannot go safely into some European countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes under the faux-doctrine of “universal jurisdiction,” while children-targeting murderers such as Hamas face no such international reproach.

Keith Olbermann talks too much about himself - TheDC

US | Pat McMahon

We watch, because we are paid to: What a self-absorbed week for ‘Countdown’ host Keith Olbermann this has been

Daily Caller High: Vol. XV

Opinion | Daily Caller High

Daily Caller High is a group of young writers cutting their teeth in the world of political punditry. This week, the authors’ reflect on events of the past few weeks.

Uniformity and regimentalism of thought on the rise

Feature:Opinion | Anchorman

Is ‘diversity’ really just code word for conformity?

I’m just a face in the crowd

Opinion | James Michael Pratt

Read my face. I am told that I’m a racist bigot for my political views on the state of the national economy and my voiced concerns regarding a “new kind of capitalism” being imposed by one party rule in Washington