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Uganda's Anti-Gay Law Masks The Real Scandal -- A Growing Western Child Sex Trade In Africa

Anti-gay supporters celebrate after Uganda's President Museveni signed a law imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality in Kampala

The bill only passed with strategic misdirection from activists who tied child abuse to homosexuality.

Judge Says ABORTION Makes Incest Okay, And Incest Is Fine Because It's Like Homosexuality

anarachy YouTube screenshot/TheDisasterTeam

‘We’ve come a long way from the 1950s’

Federally funded sex ed program in Hawaii is anatomically incorrect

kids raising hands Getty Images

Would you want your kids learning this stuff?

Tony school drops soul man in gay flap

Bishop James Tengatenga. Photo: Vimeo screenshot

Rejection is swift and harsh from ‘the confines of privileged North America’

Poll: Washington, D.C. also the LGBT capital

Barney Frank

Ten percent of the district’s residents identify as gay, while the national figure is 3.5%

Archbishop of Canterbury resigns to take position at Magdalene College - TheDC

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

Dr. Rowan Williams denies reason for his resignation being disagreements over homosexuality

Girl Scouts promote homosexuality and abortion, lawmaker says - The Los Angeles Times


“My girls are no longer Girl Scouts. They’re now going to join American Heritage Girls.”

Coming soon to a military base newsstand: Magazine for gay soldiers - TheDC

Underground network of ‘over 2,900 LGBT military personnel’ launches magazine to ‘let all the gay, lesbian, bi, and trans members currently serving know that they are not alone’

Conservatives must not waver on principles

Why CPAC is no longer conservative.

Men twice as likely to stay with cheating girlfriend if affair was with a woman - TheDC

Women are the polar opposite, more likely to drop a boyfriend who cheated with a man rather than another woman

CPAC, homosexuality, and the crack-up of conservatism

Gay rights issues could shatter the conservative coalition.


TBD is gay and liberal — only one of those things is offensive.

Incest: Something 'progressive' . . . when 'conservative, racist hicks' aren't imagined doing it

Leftists are for incest, except for when they are against it.

Are these guys the same? - TheDC

The SPLC will not back down from labeling the Family Research Council and other socially conservative groups as hate groups

Putting political correctness first

How the WikiLeaks and Fort Hood sagas illustrate the perils of political correctness.

Gay lobby propagandizes for 'school bullying' legislation

Saying you are against school bullying is about as meaningful as saying that you are for mom and apple pie.

Marines defy the Washington-political-media complex

The Marines should be exempt from any effort to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’

Allowing gays to serve openly in the military is a bad idea

A former soldier says that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should remain in place.

Paladino: Gay discrimination 'horrible' - TheDC

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino denies that he is homophobic and clarifies comments made in a speech Sunday

Paladino defends comments on homosexuality - NYT

Claims that children shouldn’t be brainwashed into accepting homosexuality