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Hillary Says We 'Can't Cozy Up To Dictators,' But She Had No Problem Calling Mubarak A Friend

Elections | Jonah Bennett
'Friends of my family'

How The 'Right Side Of History' Guided Obama's Foreign Policy

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'The entire national security team recommended unanimously handling Mubarak differently than we did'

Former SecDef: Obama's National Security Advisers Are Totally Naive

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'In the interest of U.S. national security'

Cutting military aid will embolden Egypt's extremists

Opinion | Bill Cowan
The Muslim Brotherhood refuses to cooperate in part because of the administration's calls for a 'return to democracy'

Egypt goes from bad to worse

Opinion | Kori Schake
The al-Sisi government won't eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood -- they've only driven it to violence.

COULTER: Arab Spring -- worst soap ever?

Opinion | Ann Coulter
'Democrats are so opposed to promoting the U.S.'s interests, it doesn't occur to them that they might coincide with those of other people.'

3 leaders you probably thought were dead but aren't

World | Jamie Weinstein
They may not be well, but they are still alive

Egypt's Morsi seeks to rekindle flame with Iran

World | Melissa Quinn
Muslim Brotherhood's president-elect: 'We must restore normal relations with Iran'

Egyptian activists still hungry for revolution

World | Adam Jablonowski
Egyptian protests call for accountability from military government

Former President Carter praises Egypt elections

World | admin
Islamist parties have taken a solid majority in the parliament

Prosecution demands death for Egypt's Mubarak

World | Steven Nelson (admin)

Egypt prosecutor: Mubarak responsible for killings

World | admin
During the 18-day uprising that toppled his regime last year

U.S. met with Egypt Islamists, says U.S. diplomat

World | Laura Donovan
U.S. officials met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood's political party after Washington said it would have direct contacts with Egypt's largest Islamist organization

Mubarak faces the music as trial opens

World | Steven Nelson (admin)
Prosecuting Mubarak is widely popular among a public angered by widespread corruption, police abuses and his lock on political power

Mubarak to face trial for killing of protesters

World | interns
Egypt's top prosecutor announced today that former President Hosni Mubarak will stand trial for the killings

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