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DHS: Don't Enforce The Law In Courthouses


‘Courthouses are special’

GOP Reps press DHS on releasing thousands of criminal aliens

President Barack Obama announces Jeh Johnson to be his nominee for secretary of Homeland Security, in Washington

Including 59 murders, 21 attempted murders and 542 sex crimes

Republicans returning home with pro-immigration reform talking points

Immigration Reform Bill.JPEG

Heavy on enforcement, light on what to do with immigrants already here

NSA official explains how it spies on people who know people who know people who might be terrorists

NSA Surveillance Congress.JPEG

Call this ‘a second or third hop query’

House committee probing whether Holder lied about spying on reporters

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during a naturalization ceremony at the U.S. Department of Justice May 28, 2013. Win McNamee/Getty Images.

‘We are looking into his testimony’

Judiciary Committees want administration's legal justification for drone killings

Drones Privacy Poll

Killing US citizens ‘raises significant constitutional and legal concerns’

House Judiciary chair: Resignation only 'a step in the right direction' - TheDC

Lamar Smith

‘The Attorney General also must take responsibility for his lack of leadership’

House Republicans: 'Justice Dept. has become more partisan than ever' - TheDC

Eric Holder

‘Unfortunately, this Administration continues to put a partisan agenda ahead of the Constitution and the rule of law’

Weiner porn-star friend doesn't like anti-piracy legislation - TheDC

Ginger Lee

SOPA would give Justice Department jurisdiction over foreign websites that facilitate copyright infringement

TheDC Morning: Eric Holder says words to Congress - TheDC

Eric Holder Photo

TheDC Morning: Eric Holder says words to Congress

Attorney general: 'Reckless? Yeah, I'd probably agree with that' - TheDC

Barack Obama, Eric Holder

Holder makes ‘Fast and Furious’ admission: ‘More people are going to die’

TheDC Morning: Break a leg, Attorney General Eric Holder - TheDC

Eric Holder

TheDC Morning: Break a leg, Attorney General Eric Holder

Congress poised to react to conference realignment in college sports - TheDC

Tulsa Boise St Football

House judiciary and commerce committees’ radar goes up, insiders weigh consequences

Congressman: Obama admin may be accessory to murder with 'Fast and Furious' - TheDC

President Obama

GOP Rep: ‘When you facilitate [criminal activity] and a murder or a felony occurs, you’re called an accessory’