house permanent select committee on intelligence

Here Is The House Intel Committee's Long-Awaited Russia Report

Investigative Group | Chuck Ross

House Intel Dems Release Russia Probe Wish List

Politics | Chuck Ross

Here's What's In The Democrats' FISA Memo

Politics | Chuck Ross
Read it here

Adam Schiff Dropped A Bomb On The Dem FISA Memo And Nancy Pelosi Will Not Be Happy

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
'Remains classified and would implicate sources and methods '

Republicans Join With Democrats And Unanimously Vote To Release Dems' FISA Memo To The Public

Politics | Amber Randall
The White House said it would 'entertain' the possibility of approving its release

Here's What The Classified Intel Memo Could Show The American Public

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas

US Lawmakers Warn AT&T To Sever Ties To Chinese Tech Company Over National Security Concerns

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'Must remain vigilant and focused on this threat'

Google And Facebook Have Donated Thousands To Congressmen They Are Testifying Before

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'Attacks against core American values'

House Dem IT Suspects Wanted Untraceable Payments. Sure Enough, Millions Disappeared

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak

Some Republicans Refuse To Remake Surveillance Laws Just Because Flynn Got Caught

US | Eric Lieberman
'Very important'

EXCLUSIVE: Dems Show Little Interest In Rice 'Unmasking' Docs They Demanded To See

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
Only two Democrats on the House intel panel have bothered to read the classified materials

Why Hasn't The FBI Taken Mike Flynn's Stunning Offer?

National Security | Russ Read
'Opening move in a chess match'

Hill Chairmen Have Been Doing What Nunes Did For YEARS

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
White House has stronger, more secure facilities than Capitol Hill for assessing raw intelligence

Will The GOP Remake Surveillance Laws After Trump Leaks?

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'I can't be sure the leak was from an Obama political appointee'

Pakistani House IT Guys In Criminal Probe Made Out With $4 Million

Politics | Luke Rosiak
Brothers had access to members' emails, and the money disappeared

House Dem Staffers Who Are Under Investigation Took Iraqi Cash

Politics | Luke Rosiak
'If as suspected, all of this is a charade...'

Rogue IT Staff Compromised Members of House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs Committees

Politics | Luke Rosiak
Three brothers, Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan, among five being investigated for criminal acts

'No Proof' Russia Was Trying To Elect Trump, Says Intel Chairman

National Security | Russ Read
Nunes did not rule out the possibility, but said there is no proof so far

New Bipartisan Report Shows A Vast Majority Of Snowden's Leaks Are Unrelated To Privacy Rights Concerns

National Security | Russ Read
'Reckless disregard'

House Intel Chair Slams Intelligence Community Leaks To Media

Politics | Russ Read
Nunes says he has received no new information on the issue

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