Ryan Aggressively Seeks Support To Eliminate Motion To Oust Speaker

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Needs all the help he can get

DNC Chair Thinks Sen. Ted Cruz Is Speaker Of The House

Politics | Scott Greer

He’s not though

Obama to seek a new tax rate for wealthy - AP

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Obama is going to call it the ‘Buffett Rule’

Little progress as shutdown deadline looms - Washington Times

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Blame abounds as congress returns to session with the next budget deadline fast approaching

Gingrich woos evangelicals as he eyes presidential bid - LAT

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The former Speaker of the House sees evangelicals as essential to the Republican nomination

Blame game begins after failed Patriot vote - TheDC

Politics | Chris Moody

Finger-pointing ensued the day after the House voted against extending key provisions of the Patriot Act

Air Force withholds Pelosi flight docs; Judicial Watch appealing - TheDC

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Judicial Watch appeals U.S. Air Force’s efforts to block Pelosi flight records

House GOP and 17 Dems send last-minute challenge to Obama before SOTU - TheDC

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House passes a resolution to roll back spending to 2008 levels

Poll: Boehner's popularity spikes - TheDC

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USA Today/Gallup poll shows Americans are quickly warming up to the new Speaker

TheDC Morning: Watching Steele's persecution complex blossom is like watching fireworks - TheDC

| Mike Riggs

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TheDC Morning: Rumors fly about John Edwards and the woman who was almost forced to abort his child - TheDC

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Rigid Reid: Republicans need to 'get a new lease on life' - TheDC

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Sen. Harry Reid is adamant that Republicans will see no Senate support on health care repeal

House GOP leaders smack down CBO score of Obamacare repeal - TheDC

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Congressional Budget Office estimates put the cost to repeal Obamacare at about $230 billion over the next ten years

TheDC Morning: TSA perverts keep handicapped woman off airplane because of her butt - TheDC

| Pat McMahon

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Barton's final bid for Energy chair - TheDC

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As last pitch for energy panel, Barton offers detailed battle plan

House Dems vote to raise taxes - AP

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House Democrats moved toward a vote to show their commitment to letting taxes on the wealthy go up

Fight over debt ceiling brewing in GOP - WSJ

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House Republican leaders appear to be headed for a clash with some of the chamber’s newly elected members on a vote early next year to increase the amount the government can borrow

Pelosi blames GOP campaigns for low approval ratings - TheDC

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In final days as Speaker, Pelosi blames GOP attacks for low approval numbers

Obama: Pass DREAM Act in lame-duck session - ABC News

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President Obama today joined top Congressional Democrats in urging Congress to pass the immigration legislation known as the DREAM Act before it adjourns for the year

What's in a title? - TheDC

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Dems to replace ‘Assistant to the Leader’ position with ‘Assistant Leader’ post