Housing market recovery hamstrung by buyers' crippling student loan debt

Education | Katie McHugh
Available housing signs are shown in Williston

‘Student debt trumps all other consumer debt’

The Fed chairman's inconvenient quotes

Opinion | Coleman Andrews

Should investors trust the forecasts coming from an institution with a history of making bad forecasts?

State and local governments still in desperate need of reform

Opinion | Stephen Eide

The housing market recovery won’t solve state and local governments’ long-term problems.

Menendez-Boxer refinance plan will entrench government housing

Opinion | Adam Berkland

The plan would redistribute income from investors to homeowners.

How to restore trust in mortgage-backed securities

Opinion | Marc Joffe & Anthony Randazzo

Mortgage finance risk won’t return to the private sector until investors have faith in mortgage-backed securities.

Banks set minimum quotas on foreclosure documents, increasing mistakes - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Betsi Fores

In what has been the biggest housing market collapse since the Great Depression, banks have made a business in collecting and cashing in on foreclosed homes. In a Wells Fargo bank in Charlotte, N.C., “legal process specialists” are expected, if not demanded, to produce ten to eleven affidavit reports a day, reports that bank lenders […]

Home prices fell in January in most US cities - AP

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Home Prices.JPEG

The housing market remains weak, despite the best winter for home sales in five years

Case-Shiller home price index: U.S. housing market nearing bottom in 2012 - Money Morning

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California Homes

‘We have seen the worst. We are at the bottom.’

Mortgages may be cheaper than ever but that doesn't mean it's time to buy - BI

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Home Sales.JPEG

US housing market is like a case of good cop/bad cop

Fannie and Freddie bonuses are just a symptom of a larger problem

Opinion | Adam Berkland

The real problem is the government’s overwhelming dominance in the mortgage market.

Time to end the taxpayer guarantee of mortgage investors

Opinion | Christopher Papagianis & Anthony Randazzo

Our housing finance system is broken and needs to be reformed.