Howard Dean: Violent Rioters 'Will Soon Run America'

US | Peter Hasson
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean raises his fists as he speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 26, 2016. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich - RTSJT6O

‘Get used to it’

Former Sanders Spox: Democrats 'Don't Need White People' Leading Party

Politics | Blake Neff
Symone Sanders speaking on a CNN panel. [CNN screengrab]

Diverse leaders for a diverse party

Howard Dean Wants To Be DNC Chairman Again

Politics | Alex Pappas
Howard Dean, Screen Shot MSNBC 4-26-2016

‘I am in’

Howard Dean Just Made The Russian Connection To Comey

Politics | Scott Greer

‘Ironically Comey put himself on the same side as Putin’

Howard Dean Is In Total Denial Over Latest Hillary Bombshell -- 'Somebody Made This Up!'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘This makes no sense to me at all. This sounds like late in the campaign tricks that are meaningless.’

Prominent Clinton Surrogate Wonders Whether Trump Uses Cocaine

Elections | Chuck Ross
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016 in Hempstead, New York

Speculation swirls over Trump’s sniffing

Howard Dean: The Press Is Not 'Legitimate'

Elections | Steve Guest


Howard Dean Pushes Hillary's Lies About Emails In MSNBC Interview

Elections | Steve Guest

The only thing Republicans can do it ‘try to whack Hillary’

Howard Dean On FBI's Decision: 'A Win For The Clinton Campaign'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Except for the right-wingers who are going to push this for political reasons, this matter is over’

Howard Dean Implies That Hillary Is Too Old

Elections | Steve Guest

‘The baby boomers have run this country for too long’

Howard Dean Predicts Women Won't Vote For Hillary Clinton

Elections | Steve Guest

‘That’s what the penalty of democracy is’

Howard Dean Blames Clinton's Unfavorables On Bernie's Smears, 'Right-Wing' Conspiracy

Elections | Steve Guest

Clinton’s ‘getting everything thrown at her but the kitchen sink’

Clinton Surrogate Howard Dean Says Labor Unions Are Just Super PACs That Democrats Like

Elections | Chuck Ross

When Dean’s not screaming, he’s putting his foot in his mouth

Howard Dean Calls People Who Own 'Assault' Weapons 'Lunatics'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘We don’t have to have all these kinds of weapons like this’

The Hair Apparent? 2016's Howard Dean Isn't Bernie Sanders -- It's Donald Trump.

Opinion | David Merritt

The striking similarities between the two campaigns offer a compelling preview of Trump’s ultimate electoral fate.