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FNC's MediaBuzz Hits One Year On A High Note


Howard Kurtz can smile down on his old show

Fox News Host Chris Wallace: NBC Treatment Of David Gregory Is Unseemly

‘They shouldn’t put him in this limbo’

Afternoon Mirror


Lauren Ashburn blames former TV station for waning faith


Her bangs were too long, her crosses, inappropriate

Howard Kurtz disturbed by CNN's 'all-plane, all-the-time' coverage of Malaysia flight

‘It’s almost turned into a bit of a parlor game’

5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week


5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

Dumbest Tweets of The Week

Valentine's Day buzz with Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn


Is it getting hot in here?

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

'CORPORATE SPINELESSNESS': Howard Kurtz blasts A&E's 'Duck Dynasty' reversal

‘They really have pulled off the rare feat of ticking off both sides’

New Kurtz show on Fox News 'MediaBuzz' to debut Sept. 8

Howard Kurtz

Will go head-to-head with his former CNN program ‘Reliable Sources’

Fox News hires Howard Kurtz


Long-time CNN ‘Reliable Sources’ host to take over as ‘Fox News Watch’ anchor

Kurtz apologizes for Collins comments, gets grilled by NPR's Folkenflik and Politico's Byers [VIDEO]

‘Reliable Sources’ host uses his show as a platform to ‘take a critical look’ at himself

Mark Steyn: Tina Brown 'was glad to have an opportunity to get rid of Howard Kurtz'

National Review columnist mocks Kurtz for ruining an ‘icon gay moment’

Howard Kurtz out at The Daily Beast

Howard Kurtz

Departure comes after erroneous column about gay NBA player Jason Collins

CNN's Howard Kurtz critical of NBC's Pete Williams' Boston reporting [VIDEO]

Irritable host attacks respected reporter’s terrorism coverage

Mark Levin emphasizes importance of 2007 Obama video - TheDC

Radio talker says recently released video shows hypocrisy of both Obama and the media