NAACP Legal Defense Fund Is Suing Ben Carson Over HUD Policy

US | Amber Randall
'Deprive families of access'

Carson: We'll Reinterpret, Not Rescind, Fair Housing Regulation

US | Kerry Picket
'I probably am not going to mess with something the Supreme Court has weighed in on'

GOP Lawmakers Want HUD Sec. Carson To Rescind Obama-Era Policy

Politics | Kerry Picket
'Moving forward, we respectfully ask that you use your authority to rescind the AFFH rule in its entirety'

Ben Carson Makes Baffling Claim About Slaves Brought To America [VIDEO]

US | Amber Randall
'They too had a dream'

Potential Trump Pick For HUD Secretary Is One Of Its Biggest Adversaries

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I'd certainly have to consider something like that'

Obama Won't Discipline Possible Clinton VP Pick For Hatch Act Violation

Politics | Derek Hunter
'I think to his credit, Secretary Castro acknowledged the mistake that he made'

Potential Hillary VP Pick Thinks Her Town Is Too White And Too Wealthy

Politics | Kerry Picket
'If the policies continue it's the end of suburbia'

NY Official: Trump Will Discontinue Fed Takeover Of Local Ordinances

Politics | Kerry Picket
'It's urbanizing the suburbs and it's taking away the rights of local communities'

Senate GOP And Democrats Save HUD Regulation From Defunding Measure

Politics | Kerry Picket
'HUD doesn't replace local Public Housing Authorities'

Democrat Undecided If He Wants More Affordable Housing In His Wealthy District

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I can't answer yes or no, but I'm for affordable housing'

Here's Just How Much Public Housing Execs Get In Tax-Funded Pay, Bonuses

US | Mark Tapscott
Bonuses over $25,000

Top Carson Aide Wants Taxpayers To Fund Farrakhan

Washington Confidential | Evan Gahr
So much for small government

Taxpayers Pay For New Yorkers' Vacation Homes After Hurricane Sandy

US | Kathryn Watson
New York gave money 'for properties that were not their primary residence'

HUD Allowing Wealthy Families To Live In Public Housing While Poor Families Linger On Waiting Lists

Opinion | Kristina Ribali
It's hard to believe that a family making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year truly has trouble finding housing.

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