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Number of hurricanes reaches 30-year low

Swirling Eastern Pacific Ocean storm system headed for California is seen in an image from NOAA's GOES-West satellite
'Well below average'

Clean air may lead to more hurricanes

Hurricane Forecast Names

Further tightening of restrictions against aerosols may lead to ‘record numbers’ of hurricanes

Hurricane Isaac hits New Orleans exactly seven years after Katrina - AP


Isaac has pushed water over a rural levee and stranded some people in homes and cars as the storm spun into New Orleans exactly seven years after Katrina

Tampa mayor 'prepared to call off' RNC if Tropical Storm Isaac hits - TheDC


With ‘contingency plans’ reportedly in place, umbrellas are banned inside security perimeter

Tropical storm puts Louisiana on high alert - Time Newsfeed

State of emergency is declared

Miami Hurricanes players ordered to shut down Twitter accounts - Orlando Sentinel

According to a UM spokesman, Coach Shannon did so to limit distractions and increase focus. Miami, which lost 36-24 at Ohio State on Saturday, has a bye week before its next game at Pittsburgh

Study: Miami most vulnerable city in Florida to strong hurricanes - AP

Miami can expect winds of 112 miles per hour or stronger — that’s a Category 3 hurricane — once every 12 years on average