Idaho May Be The Next State To Hike The Vaping Age To 21

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
Ufa, Russia, South Vape Shop, 5 April, 2016: E-liquid (e-juice) "High vape" for electronic cigarette (vaping device), on the counter in smoke (vapor) in vape bar in bottles. (Aleksandr Pogudin/Shutterstock)

‘This new issue of vaping’

This Nonprofit Gave Women More Than $75,000 Last Year For Abortions

US | Grace Carr
WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 14: The words "In God We Trust" are seen on U.S. currency October 14, 2004 in Washington, DC. Although the U.S. constitution prohibits an official state religion, references to God appear on American money, the U.S. Congress starts its daily session with a prayer, and the same U.S. Supreme Court that has consistently struck down organized prayer in public schools as unconstitutional opens its public sessions by asking for the blessings of God. The Supreme Court will soon use cases from Kentucky and Texas to consider the constitutionality of Ten Commandments displays on government property, addressing a church-state issue that has ignited controversy around the country. (Photo Illustration by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

‘Abortion is normal, valid, and okay’

Idaho: Refugee Boys Admit To Sexually Assaulting Five-Year-Old

US | Peter Hasson

Described as a ‘vicious sexual assault’

Idaho's $4.3 Million Solar Road Generates Enough Power To Run ONE Microwave

Energy | Andrew Follett
solar heater, money dollars flying from the sky, 3d rendering (Shutterstock/ kostasgr )

About 90 cents worth of electricity

First 'Solar FREAKIN Roadway' In The US Breaks ... Again

Energy | Andrew Follett
Solar Panels (Shutterstock/Lightboxx)

It caught on fire earlier this month

Federal Cyanide Trap Meant For Coyotes Kills Family Dog, Injures Boy

US | Eric Lieberman
Automatic garden sprinklers are somewhat similar to cyanide devices.[Shutterstock - Fahkamram]

‘It’s a miracle the child wasn’t seriously injured or even killed’

Idaho School District Approves Measure Arming Teachers

Education | Connor Moldo

Teachers for the district can apply to become a ‘security guard’

You Could Be Charged With Murder If The Person You Give Heroin To Dies

US | Steve Birr
Heroin overdose. [Shutterstock - SanchaiRat]

‘Genuinely in it to make money’

Judge Bans Man From Having Sex As Punishment For Rape

US | Amber Randall
The handcuffs of a suspected member of the Broadway Gangster Crips street gang (REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn)

‘Not have sexual relations with anyone’

Solar Panel Road Still Hasn't Generated Any Power After Spending Over A Million Bucks

Energy | Andrew Follett
Solar Panels (Shutterstock/Lightboxx)

It couldn’t be driven on, didn’t generate any electricity and 75 percent of its panels broke within a week

MIT Predicts HUGE Advances In Nuclear Power In The Next 15 Years

Energy | Andrew Follett
Atom molecule in female hand (Shutterstock/ Sergey Nivens)

Their biggest problem is getting bureaucratic approval

Senate Looks Into Unconventional Nuclear Power

Energy | Andrew Follett
Atom molecule in female hand (Shutterstock/ Sergey Nivens)

Federal ‘overly conservative regulatory approarch could squelch advanced nuclear efforts’

See And Decide: Is The Target Bathroom Voyeur A Man Or Woman?

US | Blake Neff
Target bathroom voyeur: Man or woman? [Police mugshot]

One mugshot, countless possible genders

Feds Spend Over $700 Million On A Radioactive Waste Plant That Doesn't Work

Energy | Michael Bastasch
File photo of sarcophagus covering damaged fourth reactor at Chernobyl nuclear power plant

DOE officials deemed testing the facility was ‘too time-consuming’

Bernie Sanders Wins Idaho Democratic Caucuses

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer

23 delegates

Ted Cruz Wins Idaho Republican Primary

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer

32 delegates


Sports | Christian Datoc

The gloves (and headgear) come off…

Lawmakers Want To Outlaw Local Minimum Wages

Business | Connor D. Wolf
David Coulombe, who works as a consumables sales floor associate at Walmart, participates in a march and rally for $15 minimum wage in Boston

‘So rather than making this out to be a state versus city issue, it should be touted as the best way to work together’

Most Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving As Christians

US | Mark Tapscott
Thanksgiving Meal

Devout Pilgrims Started Thanksgiving And Americans Still Celebrate It Nearly 400 Years Later