Why Hatred Of Whites Is Here To Stay

op-ed | Ilana Mercer
white privilege at a clinic in Appalachia 1200 Getty Images/John Moore

The Left has gone mad

A Muslim Ban Is Logical, Moral, And Even Libertarian

op-ed | Ilana Mercer
Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the New York City truck attack is seen in this handout photo released November 1, 2017. St. Charles County Department of Corrections/Handout via REUTERS

Rejecting Muslim immigrants won’t kill Americans. Accepting them might.

Niger: Finally, A War John McCain Doesn't Love

op-ed | Ilana Mercer

He’s even considering a subpoena over the intervention.

Harvey Sweinstein And Hollywood's Hos

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Weinstein is a scumbag, but his victims are not naive, innocent things.

Conservatism's Perennial Piñata

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Native American. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Tiziana Fabi

Native-Americans have little political clout and even less of an extractive approach to politics.

The Tribalism Of 'Kneelism'

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Just shut up and play.

Stop Shopping Until You Drop -- Or Until A Terrorist Drops You

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Muslims hold placards as they march towards the U.S. embassy in London May 6, 2011. On the frontline of the war against terrorism -- and Britain is undoubtedly a frontline -- private initiatives hint at the failure of state-sponsored efforts to counter jihad. Almost six years on from a massive coordinated terror attack on London's transport system, the main nationwide programme to deter young men from extremism still hasn't moved past mistrust and suspicion. Picture taken May 6, 2011. To match Special Report BRITAIN-MUSLIMS/RADICALS REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

People will increasingly have to secede from the public square to avoid radical Islam.

What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
A person walks through a flooded street with a dog after the area was inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The kind of trends social science measures. Or, once measured.

Barcelona And Beyond: How Politicians & Wonks Play God

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Restricting Muslim immigration is necessary to prevent this kind of brutality form becoming the norm.

An X-Rated Conversation About LGBTQ & Women In The Military

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Servicemember standing in front of an LGBT flag. Niyazz/Shutterstock.

Transgender representation in the military is a tiny issue blown up by ideologues.

Truman Would Have Agreed With Trump On The CIA In Syria

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

We need to curtail the intelligence agency to get a handle on our foreign policy.

The American Architects Of The South African Catastrophe

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Demonstrators take part in a protest calling for the removal of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma in Durban, South Africa, April 7, 2017. REUTERS/Rogan Ward

In contrast to what South Africa became, the United States is a country where the constitution thwarts the tyranny of the majority

Trump Fends Off 'Showboat' Comey And The Federal Zombies

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
U.S. President Donald Trump (L) speaks in Ypilanti Township, Michigan March 15, 2017 and FBI Director James Comey testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., May 3, 2017 in a combination of file photos. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/Kevin Lamarque/File Photos - RTX36NXD

The President’s only crime is being unschooled in the rules of politics.

Elon Musk, Et Al.: The Corporate Arm Of The Deep State

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
FILE PHOTO: Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk enters the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, U.S., January 6, 2017.

Trashing the popular will is all in a day’s work for the Deep State.

The Manchester Massacre Was Murder-By-Muslim Immigrant

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Policymakers and immigration authorities bear the blame for Muslim brutality.

Sanctuary City Mayor Trashes American Hero Robert E. Lee

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
RTR4YT9O 24 Jun. 2015 New Orleans, United States of America A 60 ft (18 m) tall monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee towers over a traffic circle in New Orleans, Louisiana June 24, 2015. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Wednesday morning called for the replacement of the statue. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

The Confederate general was an opponent of slavery with unquestionable honor.

Thanks, POTUS, For Breaking-Up The Annual Correspondents' Circle Jerk

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

President Trump spared the country one sickening extravaganza.

Damned Lies And Statistics About Black-On-White Farm Murders In South Africa

| Ilana Mercer
A worker uses a tractor to spray a field of crops during crop-eating armyworm invation at a farm in Settlers, northern province of Limpopo, South Africa, February 8,2017. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

It’s in the government’s interest to downplay racial violence against whites.

The H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
President Donald Trump makes his way to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on April 18, 2017 in Washington, D.C., en route to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

We have unlimited access to individuals with unique abilities through the open-ended O-1 visa program.