What Rep. Steve King's "Racist" Statements Teach

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Iowa Representative Steve King speaks at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, September 19, 2015. REUTERS/Brian C. Fran

There’s a class of people for whom no identity is permitted.

The Donald Vs. The "Deep State"

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

The president is behind enemy lines.

ICE Agents Prefer Deporting Illegals To Changing Their Diapers

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers detain a suspect as they conduct a targeted enforcement operation in Los Angeles, California, U.S. on February 7, 2017. Picture taken on February 7, 2017. Courtesy Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via REUTERS

President Trump brought masculinity and effectiveness back to border enforcement.

Islam, Not Trump, Is The Elephant In The Room Threatening Jewish Survival

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
A fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) holds an ISIL flag and a weapon on a street in the city of Mosul, June 23, 2014. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry held crisis talks with leaders of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region on Tuesday urging them to stand with Baghdad in the face of a Sunni insurgent onslaught that threatens to dismember the country. Picture taken June 23, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

Anti-Trump Jewish groups are silent about the real threat of Islam.

High-Tech Traitors Are Social Justice Warriors 1st, Businessmen 2nd

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

When they grow up, organizations like Microsoft want to be the government.

Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek?

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Egalitarianism rests on the blunting of male-female differences.

Beware The Values Cudgel

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

A limited government, serving an ostensibly free people, must never enforce values.

President Trump Vs. The Democrat Dunce-Cap Lobby

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
FILE PHOTO - U.S. Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates testifies during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on "Going Dark: Encryption, Technology, and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy" in Washington July 8, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

President Trump exposed the Justice Department as a politicized fiefdom.

Make Jerusalem Safe Again

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

What does “unoccupied” or “liberated” Palestinian land look like? Like Gaza.

'Go On Now Go,' Barack Obama, 'Walk Out The Door'

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Nothing Obama has ever said is memorable, and this goes for his farewell address.

Faking History To Make The Black Kids Feel Good

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

If Eurocentric culture is so horrible, why would these fake historians want to claim it as their own?

Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism 'Fade to Black'

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
U.S. President Barack Obama greets Reverend Al Sharpton before addressing the audience at the National Action Network's 20th annual Keepers of the Dream Awards gala in New York April 6, 2011. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS)

How did this civilizational mugging occur?

Making America's Kids Great Again

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

Don’t prostrate your Adult Self before The Kids.

Bye-Bye Barack: Loser Lashes Out Over Legacy

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
U.S. President Barack Obama attends a meeting with the National Security Council at the State Department Washington

Apparently the government is perfectly capable of deporting foreigners when it wants to.

A Christmas Snuff Story

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
A home is decorated with a display of Christmas of lights in a tradition that has grown over recent years in the small village of Westfield in Sussex, south east England, December 15, 2016. Picture taken on December 15. REUTERS/Toby Melville

America’s familial fragmentation has translated into social ills.

The Proof Is Not In The Putin

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the USA Thank You Tour event at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center in West Allis, Wisconsin, U.S., December 13, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Pushing it without analysis is nothing more than a partisan conspiracy theory.

The Curious Case Of America's Waning Whites

Opinion | Ilana Mercer

America doesn’t need more people; it needs to allow its own people to recover.