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'The Five': Why do liberals hate Bundy for dodging taxes when illegal immigrants do the same?

Beckel: ‘Well, I — first of all, they do pay a lot of sales tax’

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama admin's deportation numbers 'smoke and mirrors' [VIDEO]

‘They’re being let out the back door’

Senate Dems choose illegal immigrant welfare over veteran benefits

Immigration Sessions.JPEG

Amendment fails on party-line vote

Mucho dinero: UC prez Janet Napolitano pledges $5 million for illegal immigrants

Photo: Gail Oskin/Getty Images for Ninety Nine Restaurants, Getty Images/Mark Wilson

‘They are students who deserve the opportunity to succeed and to thrive’

Report: IRS sent $4.2 billion in checks to illegal immigrants in one year

Internal Revenue Service

Program began during tea party targeting

'Next major civil rights movement:' Dems predict summer political campaign on immigration

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‘I could see a million people on the mall in Washington’

Black leaders: Gang of 8 'devastating' for black community

Black American Leadership Alliance, Facebook

Reverends, lawyers, media people and others urge lawmakers to oppose amnesty

'Prosecutorial Discretion' - AP

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Obama administration to stop deporting and begin granting work permits to under-30 illegal immigrants

IRS loophole for illegals' children costs taxpayers billions - TheDCNF


‘Keep in mind, we’re talking $4 billion per year. It’s very troubling’

Texas town picks up slack from feds, costs $5 million - Fox News

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City officials argue that undocumented immigrants strain local schools and police resources

GOP targets child tax break for illegal immigrants - AP

Illegal immigration

Republicans are looking to stop illegal immigrants from claiming federal child tax credits