Thousands of illegal immigrants benefiting from Obamacare

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‘We were just getting people into the services’

White House's 'wonkiest wonk' backs one immigration policy to journos, rival plan to economists

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U.S. President Obama announces Jason Furman to be the new chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors in Washington

White House’s ‘wonkiest wonk’ backs one immigration policy to journos, another to economists

Survey: GOP business executives want immigrant workers, not voters

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A group of immigrants and activists for immigration reform gather to march to urge congress to act on immigration reform, on Capitol Hill in Washington
But immigrant workers become voters, regardless of what executives want

Why Obama shares blame for blocking immigration reform

Opinion | Geoff Holtzman
Latinos protest in favor of comprehensive immigration reform while on West side of Capitol Hill in Washington

Accepting Boehner’s plan could lay the groundwork for full citizenship, once legal permanent residency is established.

COULTER: Could we get some immigrants who can take a poll?

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘The left uses polls to manipulate public opinion, rather than find out what it is.’

Feds help smuggle young illegals to parents in US 'every day,' agent says

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People are taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol near Falfurrias, Texas

‘Our officers are babysitters’

Former illegal immigrant used fake Social Security number, sues over job rejections

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A U.S. Border Patrol agent guards the entrance to a warehouse that leads to a newly discovered drug smuggling tunnel in Otay Mesa

His lawyer calls it ‘discrimination’

Student group will host 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant' event on University of Texas campus

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immigration sign. Photo: Getty Images

Freedom-loving critics say ‘it shouldn’t be tolerated’

GOP splits over Obama's immigration offer

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Chickens play a significant role in deciding the future of immigration

Rubio: Obama undermines immigration reform push

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Florida Republican says president’s selective enforcement of law makes immigration reform difficult

Obama promises HUGE gain from immigration, but NOT for U.S. workers

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‘It’s not rocket science — it has to come out that way’

ICE agent union head: Obama in 'no position to demand Congress pass immigration reform'

US | Caroline May
U.S. President Obama speaks from the White House Briefing Room in Washington

Union calls for investigation into ‘corruption’ at the Department of Homeland Security

HEY! Another criminal 'navigator'? Who saw that coming?

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‘Navigators and Assisters will come into contact with a plethora of personally identifiable information’

New York Times reporter calls amnesty for illegal immigrants a 'civil right'

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Immigration Rally

Progressive journalists frustrated with pushback against granting amnesty to 11 million illegals

Eight Democrats arrested at pro-amnesty rally on 'closed' National Mall

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‘Civil disobedience’ meant to force Boehner to pay attention to immigration reform

Obama OKs pro-immigration march on National Mall, still blocks Americans

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March deemed a First Amendment activity

Guess who's getting drivers' licenses now

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State prepares to issue licenses to drivers three to five times more likely to cause deadly accidents

UCLA student government resolution bans 'derogatory' term 'illegal immigrant'

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illegal immigrant mini collage. Photo: Getty Images, Gail Oskin Getty Images for Ninety Nine Restaurants

Shut up, the student council members explained

'MINDLESS': Jeff Sessions attacks handling of asylum-exploiters at Mexican border [VIDEO]

Politics | Jeff Poor

Senator slams Obama administration policy of allowing those seeking asylum from Mexican drug cartels into the US