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New York Times reporter calls amnesty for illegal immigrants a 'civil right'

Immigration Rally

Progressive journalists frustrated with pushback against granting amnesty to 11 million illegals

Eight Democrats arrested at pro-amnesty rally on 'closed' National Mall


‘Civil disobedience’ meant to force Boehner to pay attention to immigration reform

Obama OKs pro-immigration march on National Mall, still blocks Americans

Immigration Reform Rally.JPEG

March deemed a First Amendment activity

Guess who's getting drivers' licenses now

Crash Kills Six.JPEG

State prepares to issue licenses to drivers three to five times more likely to cause deadly accidents

UCLA student government resolution bans 'derogatory' term 'illegal immigrant'

illegal immigrant mini collage. Photo: Getty Images, Gail Oskin Getty Images for Ninety Nine Restaurants

Shut up, the student council members explained

'MINDLESS': Jeff Sessions attacks handling of asylum-exploiters at Mexican border [VIDEO]


Senator slams Obama administration policy of allowing those seeking asylum from Mexican drug cartels into the US

What's the new way for hundreds of illegal immigrants to get into the US?

Immigration Marches May Day

‘There has to be a policy change, an emergency implementation that will stop this’

Michigan's illegal immigrants just got a big leg up on kids from 49 other states

President Barack Obama greets students and other attendees after speaking at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on January 27, 2012. Jewel Samad/Getty Images.

We’re not talking nickles and dimes

Arizona sues community colleges that gave in-state tuition to illegals

Arizona Immigration

‘We still think that our policy will be upheld’

Mexican amusement park simulates illegal border crossing

U.S. Border Patrol Monitors Vast Border With Mexico

Park official: ‘Our objective is to stop the immigration that exists amongst our citizens’

Immigration reform critics flood Senate with phone calls

U.S. Capitol In Washington

‘Five hundred calls yesterday, and right now, they’re just ringing non-stop’

New CBO report undercuts immigration bill's central premise


According to the report, the Senate bill would only reduce illegal immigration by 25%.

Crane: 'No such thing as a background check on a foreign national' [VIDEO]

Head of ICE union says illegals are ‘already circumventing that type of system right now’

Fidel Castro may be America's most famous illegal immigrant

Cuba Fidel Castro.JPEG

In his pre-revolution days, Cuba’s future jefe secretly crossed the Rio Grande on a fundraising trip

Violent criminals released by ICE if they are 'Obama Dreamers'

‘They walk out the back door of the jail’

Conservative House GOP members come out swinging on immigration reform

Undocumented Mexican immigrants walk through the Sonoran Desert after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border border on January 19, 2011 into the Tohono O'odham Nation, Arizona. Getty Images.

Concerned by rising immigration reform ‘inertia,’ conservatives call for border security first

Illegal immigrant 'DC Groper' deported to Nicaragua

Mauricio Cornejo Pena

Oscar Mauricio Cornejo Pena plead guilty to four counts of misdemeanor sex abuse

Immigration lobbies have spent $1.5 billion since 2007


Progressive, corporate groups team up to re-write immigration laws

Unemployed illegal immigrant plays tons of Xbox, earns Obama's 'deferred action'

‘I’ve had enough days off’

UPDATED: Homeland Security official resigns after illegal immigrants released ahead of sequester

Janet Napolitano

Republicans had attacked decision to release immigrants as a political move