Hillary Clinton: 'It Was Hard' Not To Lose Control During Inauguration

US | Henry Rodgers
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'It was hard. It was really difficult.'

The Abortion Doctor Who Murdered The Already-Born

Opinion | Bruce Majors

A new film on the matter has been rejected by movie distributors for being controversial.

'We Must Think Big And Dream Even Bigger'

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
President-elect Donald Trump arrives for the inauguration ceremonies swearing him in as the 45th president of the United States on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The media’s talk about the so-called dark nature of the Trump’s inauguration speech obscured these crucial lines.

Inauguration: Trump Remembers The Forgotten Man And Woman

Opinion | Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
Barron, Donald and Melania Trump (Getty Images)

Trump proposed an antidote to the American special interest aristocracy.

Protesters Try To Explain Why They Think Trump's 'Racist'

Politics | Mike Raust

Things got heated outside ‘DeploraBall’

Michael Moore Vows To 'End The Trump Carnage'

Politics | Ted Goodman

‘Twenty signatures? I know 20 stoners that will sign anything!’

'Saturday Night Live' Writer Smears Donald Trump's 10-Year-Old Son

US | Derek Hunter

Quickly deleted, then made her tweets private

Unhinged: Journalist Says Trump Inauguration Worse Than 9/11

Politics | Derek Hunter

Insists ‘the consequences of this are far more damaging’

Trump Inauguration Speech Spared The Poetry And The BS

Opinion | David Krayden
Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

Trump utterly failed to pander to political correctness or to apologize for the straight talk that made him different from everyone else who ran for president in 2016.

Anti-Trump Protests Get Rowdy In D.C.

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Activists race after being hit by a stun grenade while protesting against Trump on the sidelines of the inauguration. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Flashbangs were thrown

Gracious In Victory -- Hillary Gets Standing Ovation, At Trump's Behest

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Honestly, there’s nothing more I can say because I have a lot of respect for those two people…’

DC Mayor Warns Anti-Trump Protesters: 'Cannot Allow You To Destroy Our Neighborhoods

US | Peter Hasson
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 19: Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser listens to a speaker at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundations 45th Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, on September 19, 2015 in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama paid tribute to female leaders in civil rights during his speech at the event. (Photo by Aude Guerrucci - Pool/Getty Images)

Agitators have attacked Trump supporters and destroyed property

Ohio State Offers 'Safe Space' For Students To Cope With Inauguration Day

Education | David Krayden
Students protest the election of President-elect Donald Trump during a march in Washington, U.S., November 15, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts/File Photo

‘Define social justice and identify at least two social justice issues’

MUST WATCH: The Moment Trump Officially Became President

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear…’

Obama Leaves The Oval Office For The Last Time

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

One final goodbye

Trump Brings Kellyanne Onstage -- What He Said About Her Had The Crowd Going Nuts

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘When my men are afraid to go on a certain network…’

Anti-Trump Protesters Chase 'DeploraBall' Attendees, Start Fire

Politics | Derek Hunter

Pro-Trump partygoes terrorized on the streets of DC on eve of inauguration.

Donald Trump's Schedule Today

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
A Trump supporter takes a drag of a cigarette as the sun begins to rise over the U.S. Capitol on the National Mall before President-elect Donald Trump is to be sworn in in Washington, January 20, 2017. REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

What he’ll be doing