Obama promotes plans for wireless expansion - AP

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POTUS formulates plan proposal for all Americans to have access to speedy wireless internet

Scathing reviews plague 'Spider-Man' musical, though it isn't officially open - AP

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‘Spider-Man’ spokesman: ‘Changes are still being made and any review that runs before the show is frozen is totally invalid’

Republicans out front of Obama on regulations - AP

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Issa’s letters from business on reg impacts to Obama total almost 2,000 pages

Giffords' astronaut husband decides to fly shuttle - AP

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Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ husband astronaut Mark Kelly has made his decision regarding joining April’s Endeavour voyage

Sumo scandal weighs heavily in Japan - AP

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Sumo scandal widens, wrestlers admit match fixing

Iran tech expo sends defiant message to West - AP

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Show aims to show ‘friend and foe’ that sanctions have not slowed Iran

Taking flight: GOP pursues eliminating small airport subsidies - AP

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The program pays airlines to provide scheduled service to about 150 communities

Verizon unveils pricing details for iPhone service - AP

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Verizon Wireless is revealing details of how much it will charge iPhone users for voice, text and data service

Sheen a costly threat to network, CBS trying to find a replacement - AP

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CBS and Warner Bros. say ‘Two and a Half Men’ star and party animal Charlie Sheen has potentially lost the network hundreds of millions of dollars

Stuxnet virus could cause Chernobyl-like disaster in Iran - AP

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Report says with control systems of a nuclear reactor disabled by the virus, it would have the force of a “small nuclear bomb”

MLK, Jr.'s son seeks part-ownership of NY Mets - AP

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King wants to ‘advance the vision of a more diverse ownership group in professional sports’

Did the Obama admin stretch the facts on health care? - AP

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The new estimate by the Obama admin is more than twice as high as a figure that supporters of the law were using last year

Russia's upper house unanimously OKs New START - AP

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The treaty limits the U.S. and Russia to 1,550 strategic warheads

Taco Bell defends its mixture of seasoned meat - AP

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Study finds that the Taco Bell “beef” is only 35% beef

O-Mart: Michelle Obama throws weight behind Wal-Mart's healthy food push - AP

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Michelle Obama offers endorsement of Wal-Mart pressuring suppliers to make healthier foods

Iran: Sanction won't stop our nuclear drive - AP

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‘Let them issue 100,000 resolutions,’ said President Ahmadinejad. ‘It’s not important. Let them say what they want to’

Federal government spends millions on farmers' 'hoop houses' - AP

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The federal government has spent and will continue to spend millions of dollars to help farmers nationwide buy greenhouse-like structures

Still use the post office? We'll make lines faster, says postmaster - AP

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Postal clerks should stop holding up the line with all those questions when you mail something

Treasury launches debit card pilot for tax refunds - AP

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Low-income taxpayers will be able to get their tax refunds this year on prepaid debit cards the Treasury Department announced Thursday

Federal government eyes mandatory air bags for small planes - AP

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The National Transportation Safety Board is considering the traditionally car-oriented feature for planes