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GAO report: federal government not prepared for climate change, risks billions


Issues include outdated infrastructure and insurance policies

Study: Infrastructure troubles point to huge economic losses - TheDCNF


‘If we don’t invest now, Americans pay more in the long run’

The case for a Fast-Track Infrastructure Board

Hundreds of large infrastructure projects are caught in bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Shovel-ready politics

Is the president serious about fixing our failing infrastructure? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

The president's road to nowhere

The federal government shouldn’t finance infrastructure projects that can be financed commercially.

A 30% cut won't leave transportation in the ditch

Why the big transportation spending cut that House Republicans are pushing makes sense.

Senate Democrats calling for new infrastructure package - TheDC

Tom Harkin

Sen. Tom Harkin predicts that the package may lower the unemployment rate by two points

Texas pushes... electric cars? - AP

Despite its reputation as the oil capital of America, the Lone Star State is building up its electric car infrastructure to prepare for new plug-in vehicles set to hit the market

TheDC on TV: Matt Lewis appears on The Dylan Ratigan Show - TheDC

Matt Lewis discusses the battle over government spending cuts and regulation of the energy business

Puppies, kittens, sunshine and infrastructure

The public debate about infrastructure spending is completely unhinged from reality.

Chinese traffic jam, day nine - YAHOO! News

A Chinese expressway has become a parking lot for over a week, spanning 62 miles

U.S. program to detect cyber attacks on infrastructure - WSJ

A new program nicknamed “Perfect Citizen” will detect cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure

RI recover could take months - CNN

Flood-weary residents in Rhode Island surveyed the damage as waters started receding, with officials saying Thursday the long-term recovery could take months

Senate approves jobs bill 70-28 - CNNMONEY.COM

Senators approved a $15 billion job-creation bill on Wednesday, which would give businesses tax breaks for hiring the unemployed and states more money for infrastructure projects

America Needs a Manufacturing Strategy

In President Obama’s meeting with Senate Democrats today, Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) pressed the president on why the United States does not have a manufacturing policy. Senator Brown was right to raise the question.

Beware: Cyberattacks are running rampant

Critical infrastructure networks around the world are subject to repeated cyberattacks from foreign governments and other high-level adversaries that can be damaging and costly, according to a report McAfee released Thursday