Internet users told to change ALL passwords in wake of 'catastrophic' Heartbleed security bug

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Visitors pass a giant Videoscreen with moving letters symbolising security codes at the computer- fa..

‘On a scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11’

What's an 'internet'?'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘There’s no hiccup or delay!’

FCC commissioner will 'strongly oppose' Internet giveaway if not convinced

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and commissioners testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘If I am not convinced that a different governance structure would preserve Internet freedom, I will strongly oppose it’

Ex-White House tech chief: Internet giveaway 'raises the stakes' of Web governance

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
U.S. President George W. Bush walks back to the Oval Office after making remarks on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act at the White House in Washington

‘The U.S. should continue to be resolute in its support for a free and open Internet’

Former Commerce official: We should have had a plan before giving up the Web

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A fence surrounds the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington

‘I am somewhat dismayed by the way in which they [the administration] have gone forward’

Accelerating the de-Americanization of the Internet

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Fadi Chehade, president and CEO of ICANN, attends a meeting with Brazil's President Rousseff in Brasilia

The Internet’s moorings are detaching from America.

Ex-Bush admin official: Internet giveaway weakens cybersecurity, opens door to Web tax

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
NSA Surveillance-Tech

‘This is the Obama equivalent of Carter’s decision to give away the Panama Canal, with possibly much worse consequences’

US government gives up control of the Internet

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A robotic tape library used for mass storage of digital data is pictured at the Konrad-Zuse Centre for applied mathematics and computer science (ZIB), in Berlin

Commerce Department will discontinue managing Internet infrastructure amid global NSA surveillance pushback

Global Internet governance proposals threaten security, freedom of information

Opinion | Peter Roff
Satellite dishes are seen at GCHQ's outpost at Bude, close to where trans-Atlantic fibre-optic cables come ashore in Cornwall, southwest England

Congress should intervene to make sure Internet governance remains mostly an American job.

Tech industry and government must step up on privacy

Opinion | Gary Shapiro
CFO of Target Mulligan and CIO at Neiman Marcus Kingston swear in on Capitol Hill in Washington

Information security requires partnership between the public and private sectors

Pope Francis calls the Internet 'a gift from God'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Pope Francis looks up as he talks during a pastoral visit in downtown Rome

‘The church needs to be concerned for, and present in, the world of communication’

US court lifts FCC rules for Internet service providers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Microphones are set up for attorneys in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

‘There is no evidence in the record suggesting that broadband providers are carving up territory or avoiding head-to-head competition’

Parents of alleged Silk Road founder launch legal fund, website

US | Charles C. Johnson

Ross Ulbricht an unlikely drug, theft and murder kngpin

Africa's great 'white spaces': tech's new frontier

| Reuters
Students use computers to study at Elswood Secondary School in Cape Town

‘Using white spaces will definitely be a more cost effective way to take Internet to the masses’

Syrian forces capture US Satcom gear [VIDEO]

Tech | Grae Stafford
Hughes 3

Manufacturer staying quiet on what it is, what it does and what it costs

Extend the internet tax moratorium indefinitely

Opinion | Zack Christenson
Europe Google Antitrust.JPEG

An internet tax would work at cross-purposes with the president’s National Broadband Plan.

Halalgoogling: Muslim search engine blocks content forbidden under Islamic law

US | Caroline May
Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.42.11 PM

The Muslim-friendly search engine functions like Google but incorporates a ‘Haram Filtering System’

Muslim youth being radicalized online more than in mosques

Tech | Josh Peterson
Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Chechen brothers accused of carrying out the April 15 Boston Marathon Bombings. On Tuesday it was reported that anonymous sources had supplied Dzhokhar and his parents with thousands of dollars since his arrest.

Older Muslims don’t realize how ‘lone wolf’ radicals get plugged into Islamist networks

20 years of cats, porn, Facebook and Gangnam style - Buzz60

Tech | Buzz60

The Internet turned 20 on Tuesday

EBay leverages users to oppose online sales tax legislation - TheDCNF

Daily Caller News Foundation | Betsi Fores

‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ would allow states to tax online transactions all over the country