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Anonymous declares war on North Korea

North Korea Koreas Tension.JPEG

Some view announcement with skepticism

Project aims to help humans communicate with animals -- and aliens - TheDC


‘Interspecies Internet’ received seed funding in February, backing from Peter Gabriel

Petition against illegality of unlocking cell phones gathers steam - TheDC


‘This is a clear example of an invasion of individual property rights’

ITU in search of relevance in Internet age

Mideast Emirates Internet Conference

The ITU’s standard setting is no more responsible for the international success of the Internet, than then-Senator Al Gore was for “inventing the Internet.”

Online sales tax gets reintroduced to Congress - TheDCNF

Sales taxes

The idea is gaining bipartisan support

Bob Menendez's domain names are not Bob Menendez's - TheDC

Clinton, Leading Democrats, Campaign With Bob Menendez

Anti-Menendez forces control senator’s name online

FCC wants free WiFi for all - TheDC

Free WiFi

New plan for fast, free wireless Internet met with resistance by telecom companies

Email from Chicago Public Schools sends parents to adult website - TheDC


Looking for standardized testing info? Try this ‘intimacy destination’ instead

Obama's New Year's resolutions: Power grab the Internet -- and your wallet

Obama National Security

It’s going to be a very long four years

Countries conclude UN conference with two different visions for future of Internet - TheDC


Countries split on whether to establish further control of web

In 11th-hour announcement, US, UK and Canada decline to sign sweeping UN Internet treaty - TheDC


‘The U.S. must communicate that it is not able to sign the agreement’

States postpone dreams of international control of the Internet - TheDC

Google's China headquarters in Beijing. Alexander F. Yuan/AP

China, Russia and Arab states withdraw support after uproar

UN Internet summit delegates affirm right to freedom of information online - TheDC

Mideast Emirates Dubai Internet Conference

The much-anticipated telecommunications summit in Dubai has garnered substantial criticism

Support withers for FCC Internet tax - TheDC


Backers viewed proposal as a vehicle to ensure broadband coverage in underserved areas

Why modern campaigns need both TV and Web ads


Neither side in the television vs. Internet advertising debate has it right.

Fifth grade class predicts the Internet in 1995, mostly gets it right [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘I even found a recipe for catfood cupcakes!’

So-far secret group to promote Internet freedom and economic interests - TheDC


The Internet Association is meant to be ‘unified voice of the Internet economy’

2012 GOP platform offers opportunity to advance limited government, defend Constitution

Five issues that the GOP should incorporate into its platform.

Rand, Ron Paul announce 'Technology Revolution' manifesto - TheDC

Ron and Rand

Manifesto is meant to be a conservative response to the ‘Declaration of Internet Freedom’

Malware may knock thousands off Internet on Monday - AP

Cyber Defense

Tens of thousands of Americans may lose their Internet service unless they do a quick check of their computers