POLL: Which Internet Crimes Should Be Punishable By Jail Time?

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Writer Kurt Eichenwald attends the "The Informant" benefit screening at the Ziegfeld Theatre on September 15, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)
Trigger Warning

Amazon Promises 30 Percent Off Networking Promises, But When You Click You Find Way Bigger Discounts Than That

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Many networking products are on sale today (Photo via Amazon)

‘Including routers, modems, range extenders and more’

Someone Used Hacked Vending Machines To Hold A University's Internet Hostage

Business | Eric Lieberman
Humanized computer chip. [Shutterstock - Mmaxer]

‘an abnormal number of sub-domains related to seafood’

It's Time To Bring Email Privacy Into The 21st Century

Opinion | Brian Garst
Laptop computer in the dark

Obama administration’s attempted invasions should be reversed.

How U.S. Internet Commons Policies Lessen Growth Jobs & Security

Opinion | Scott Cleland
Network cables are plugged in a server room on November 10, 2014 in New York City. U.S. President Barack Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to implement a strict policy of net neutrality and to oppose content providers in restricting bandwith to customers. Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images. | Hearing Details Congress' Cyber Failures

Big Internet companies recently secured extraordinary special treatment from the FCC.

Need A Router? NETGEAR Products Are Half Off For Cyber Monday

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
NETGEAR products are on sale for Cyber Monday (Photo via Amazon)

Range extenders, ethernet ports and more

Cruz Slams Leadership For Caving On Internet Domains

Politics | Kerry Picket

‘Unfortunately, leadership acquiesced to the Democrats’ demands’

Hack Of 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Should Derail Obama's Internet Giveaway Plans

Opinion | Rep. Brian Babin

We must reject this administration’s latest effort to relinquish U.S. leadership over the Internet.

Teen Kills Mom After Returning From Internet Addiction Boot Camp

World | Ryan Pickrell
Students receive a group punishment during a military-style close-order drill class at the Qide Education Center in Beijing February 19, 2014. The Qide Education Center is a military-style boot camp which offers treatment for internet addiction. As growing numbers of young people in China immerse themselves in the cyber world, spending hours playing games online, worried parents are increasingly turning to boot camps to crush addiction. Military-style boot camps, designed to wean young people off their addiction to the internet, number as many as 250 in China alone. Picture taken February 19, 2014. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Harsh treatment may have pushed her over the edge

25 Child Predators Arrested After Soliciting Minors Online For Sex

US | Mary Lou Lang
Solitary Confinement, Jail Scott Richardson - Shutterstock

One man showed up to have sex with a minor and had his two-year-old son with him

Hillary: If You Elect Me, I'll Give You WiFi

Elections | Christian Datoc

… and Fit Bits and self-driving cars

Trump Broaches Chinese-Level Of Internet Censorship To Combat ISIS

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘I don’t want them using our internet to take our young impressionable youth.’

Online Freedom Of Speech Is Quickly Eroding

Opinion | Jerri Ann Henry

One in three Americans say they have less freedom to speak their mind on the Internet

Verizon, Other Telecoms Rake In Money, But Slack On Internet Service

Tech | Steve Ambrose
Inside the cloud
The New York Attorney General is looking into three internet providers over concerns about charges for data speeds.

This Company Is Aiming At Global Internet Access By 2019

Tech | Scott Cook
Young people use the Internet via the free Wi-Fi at the studio of Cuban artist Alexis Leyva "Kcho" in Havana

It’s the Internet space race, starring Google, Facebook, SpaceX and OneWeb

Feinstein Wants To Ban These Websites From The Internet Over Terrorism

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘These documents are not, in my view, protected by the First Amendment’

Americans Demanded Net Neutrality, And The FCC Is About To Deliver

Opinion | Erik Stallman
People enter the building of Federal Communications Commission

More than four million people weighed in on the measure.

FCC Commissioner: Obama's Internet Regs Will Turn Fast American Networks Into Slow European Networks

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and commissioners testify before the House Communications and Technology panel on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Why would we want to enact President Obama’s plan to import European-style regulation into the United States?’

FCC Commissioner Says Obama Used Heavy-Handed Tactics To Influence Agency

Politics | Kerry Picket

‘The FCC felt like it was under enormous pressure to do what the president wanted us to do’

Why Is ICANN Hiding The Solution To Its Accountability Problem?

Opinion | Peter Roff

It needs a thoughtfully organized governance structure, not international oversight.