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Special-ed student who recorded being bullied on his iPad threatened with felony wiretapping charges

Elementary school children use electronic tablets on the first day of class in the new school year in Nice

‘I wanted it to stop. I just felt like nothing was being done’

Security hole in Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac devices keeps getting bigger

Apple's iPhone 5Cs are displayed on racks bearing the logo of China Mobile in Beijing

Major security flaw leaves users’ data exposed across multiple devices

iPad ordering could completely change your dining experience

Diners can now use their iPad to order from Menyou. (Photo: GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

No waiter, no problem

How long until you can vote on your tablet or smartphone?

A customer holds a new Apple iPad Air tablet inside the Apple Store on New York's fifth avenue

‘Prime III is the world’s most accessible voting technology ever created’

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This infant iPad seat has parents crying

apptivity seat

‘Babies need laps, not apps’

L.A. schools' iPad giveaway continues to be a hilarious, epic disaster

ipad Instagram. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Training has been awful, ‘the system keeps going down’

No app for that: LA schools' iPad fiasco explodes

Apple iPad Air

Boondoggle now involves Common Core textbook company

Apple's iPad Mini with retina display to go on sale from Tuesday

iPad mini

The iPad Mini includes a higher resolution screen and the A7 chip used in iPad Air and the new iPhone 5S.

New book says Steve Jobs saw the iPad as Android repellant

Spalding sings as a portrait of Jobs is displayed during the memorial segment at the 84th Academy Awards in Hollywood

Steve Jobs decided that the best way to maintain iOS’s relevance was to make the iPad.

If the Retina iPad mini is impossible to find this holiday season, blame Sharp

Philip W. Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc introduces the iPad mini with retina display in San Francisco

Apple’s second-generation iPad mini is also the second hardware product the company has announced this year without providing a firm launch date

BREAKING -- Apple invites media to iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 unveiling next week on October 22

Apple-iPad Mini

Both of the new devices will launch soon after being announced at next week’s event

Leaked iPad 5 photo shows Touch ID fingerprint scanner


While some believe the addition of Touch ID to the iPad family won’t happen until next year, a new leak suggests it will happen next week.

Here's the best evidence yet that Apple's iPad 5 will include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner

Apple Event .JPEG

Reports on whether or not Apple’s fifth-generation iPad will include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner have conflicted thus far

EPIC FAIL: Los Angeles high schools now confiscate all free iPads they gave students

iPad Instagram. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Large numbers of iPads were hacked, many have just disappeared

Video: Leaked iPad 5 compared to iPad 4 and iPad mini in hands-on video

Earns Apple.JPEG

The hands-on video provides an in-depth comparison of the new fifth-generation iPad housing next to Apple’s current full-size iPad as well as the current iPad mini

Apple rumored to be working on giant 12-inch iPad

Smarter Babies Mobile Apps.JPEG

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about a bigger iPad

New report suggests iPad 5 and Retina iPad mini could get fingerprint scanners

Apple Event.JPEG

Apple is widely expected to unveil two brand new iPad tablets next month, and they may pack a surprise.

In 2010, Ashley Judd accused Apple customers of ‘financing mass rape’

Ashley Judd

Judd wrote the piece while visiting the Congo in August 2010