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Mandatory Common Core tests in New York just happen to be full of corporate brand names

Photo (clockwise from top left): YouTube screenshot/tray7156, YouTube screenshot/JunkFoodTasterDotCom, YouTube screenshot/BarbieMoviesPage, YouTube screenshot/Huntertainment, YouTube screenshot/HamptonRoadsTVFan

‘Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?’

Apple's late boss Steve Jobs to receive Grammy - AP

Grammys Steve Jobs.JPEG

Grammy organizers called him a ‘creative visionary’ for Apple Inc. innovations that include the iPod, iPhone and iPad

Apple's Steve Jobs ordered to testify in iTunes lawsuit - WaPo

The court has requested two hours of Steve Jobs’ testimony about iTunes supposed monopoly on downloaded music

Apple's App Store achieves 10 billion downloads mark - LAT

The App Store has hit a milestone of 10 billion downloads, the Apple website announced Saturday

TheDC Morning: How the left astroturfed net neutrality into existence - TheDC

Read TheDC Morning: An unvarnished e-mail summary of what’s really happening in political news

A lawsuit settlement that will not be music to your ears

How an outrageous lawsuit may make your next iPod or iPhone more expensive.

Dear Meghan McCain: We're Hipstervatives & perfect for each other - TheDC

An open letter to Dirty Sexy Politics author Meghan McCain

Apple introduces changes to iPod - CNN

Steve Jobs revealed a revamped line of the popular music player and updates for the company’s operating system

News Corp. to launch digital national newspaper - LAT

Rupert Murdoch’s plan is to harness the popularity of tablet computers and smartphones with his latest project

Apple iPhone boss leaving company - BBC

Mark Papermaster was the head of the new iPhone 4, the company would not say if he was fired or resigned

Next iPad likely to include camera - CNET

According to information uncovered by AppleInsider, the next version of the popular tablet will sport the camera many hope for

Why iDidn�t want an iPad but iHad to get one anyway

I marked April 3, 2010, as the day I was finally able to catch the first idiot walking around with a device that seemed, on the surface, to be everything you’ve ever wanted but was nothing you actually needed

Apple's iOS 4 is now available - MobileCrunch

The newest operating system for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices launched today

IPhone 4 pre-orders overwhelm system - CNN

Customers eager to buy Apple’s new iPhone 4 experienced massive and widespread difficulties when attempting to pre-order the smart phone on Tuesday, the day it went on sale

Man tried to trade pot for an iPad - KTVK

Arizona stoner posted a Craigslist ad offering marijuana and an iPod in exchange for an iPad

Why a VAT is no solution to our budget woes

The U.S. is one of the few industrialized nations that doesn’t impose a VAT. We believe that what makes us different from other nations is what makes our economy the strongest in the world.

Technology trade-ins - The Globe

Gazelle, along with a Lawrence-based rival, NextWorth Solutions Inc., help gadget-craving consumers trade up to the latest and greatest without leaving yesterday’s model moldering in a desk drawer

Mashups for Memorial Day - The Daily Caller

A spotlight on red-hot hybrids including ‘Hot N Cold Rain’ and ‘The Kids’

Technology can do more than ‘inform and engage’

President Obama was right when he clearly stated that America thrives when “each of us stays informed and engaged” through technology instead of merely distracted and entertained by it. He must repeat that message often. But please add a paragraph reminding Americans we now can be a lot more than consumers of news

Sorry, Mr. President, technology empowers us all

President Obama was right to encourage graduates to become responsible and active members of their community. However, he sadly left them thinking it was harder than simply logging in online and getting started