Watchdog Asks Court To Order IRS To Cough Up Lerner Emails

Daily Caller News Foundation | Mark Tapscott

‘Lois Lerner’s emails are at the heart of the plaintiff’s Freedom of Information Act requests’

Watchdog Sues Justice Department, IRS

US | Ethan Barton
Clouds gather over the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington

‘This lack of agency oversight is a threat to our privacy and democracy’

IRS Finds 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails

Politics | Patrick Howley

Right after the election, no less

BOMBSHELL MEMO: Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With Lois Lerner

Politics | Patrick Howley

Obama’s political appointee was the go-between

Woodward On Obama IRS Scandal: 'Lots Of Unanswered Questions' No One Is Asking

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘What are the facts? What really happened?’

Senator: Valerie Jarrett Was Involved In IRS Scandal

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘I think this was White House-driven’

Lerner's Staff Noticed 'Distractions' During Conservative Targeting

Politics | Patrick Howley

They didn’t like their cubicles

IRS Commissioner's Wild Story on Lerner's Blackberry

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘Hard drive crashes continue as we speak’

IRS: Five More Employees Lost Emails In Computer Crashes

Politics | Patrick Howley

Third round of computer-crash victims

NEW EMAILS: IRS Obtained Donor Lists For 'Secret Research Project'

Politics | Patrick Howley

Lerner and Flax both involved before their computers ‘crashed’

How To Destroy A Hard Drive: IRS Edition

Politics | Patrick Howley

Damn you, Holder

Top Democrat On Oversight Committee Doesn't Know Republican Committee Member's Name

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘The gentleman, I don’t know his name’

IRS Commissioner: We're Not Investigating Missing Emails

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘There is nothing about an ongoing IG investigation that would prevent you from doing your job’

Department of Justice: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails ON THE NEWS!

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘So you actually read about it in the press?’

Furious Over Scandals, House Blocks IRS Performance Bonuses

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

Passes appropriations bill gutting the IRS despite White House veto threats

Lois Lerner Did Print Out 'Some' Emails, After All

Politics | Patrick Howley
Lerner as she takes her seat before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

This is just ridiculous now

IRS Official Whose Computer Crashed Was Responsible For Spinning Congress On Targeting

Politics | Patrick Howley

Nikole Flax was responsible for delaying responses on ‘c4 stuff’

Issa To IRS Commissioner: Your Testimony Was Disputed. Want To Try Again?

Politics | Patrick Howley

Issa gives Koskinen a chance to change his testimony