Poll Showing 20 Percent Muslim 'Sympathy For Jihadis' Lands Record Complaints

Daily Caller News Foundation | Guy Bentley
Britain Prophet Film Protest.JPEG

Newspaper faces backlash over poll of British Muslims

Media Outlets Desperate To Debunk Poll Showing 540,000 UK Muslims Have 'Sympathy' With Syrian Jihadis

Daily Caller News Foundation | Guy Bentley
Protestors Attend Pro Osama Bin Laden Demonstration Outside US Embassy

Media outlets scramble to discredit poll showing support for ISIS

Obama Officials Trained To Avoid The 'Most Important' Questions

Politics | Kerry Picket
Syrian refugees Getty Images/Anadolu Agency

‘All of these questions — the most important ones — are off-limits’

The Christian Case For Resettling Muslim Refugees

Opinion | Paul Conner
A Syrian refugee prays as he arrives on an overcrowded dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing a part of the Aegean Sea from the Turkish coast

‘I hope I can share the gospel with them’

Poll: Americans Just Dont Think Islam Is Compatible With American Values

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett

Georgia wants ‘a thorough review of current screening procedures and background checks’

Belgian Official: We Lost Control Of Muslim Neighborhood Of Paris Terrorists

World | Kerry Picket
People shop at a market in the neighbourhood of Molenbeek in Brussels, Belgium

‘You can call Brussels the capital of political Islam in continental Europe’

Obama: Don't Equate Paris Attacks To Islam

Video | Christian Datoc

‘The overwhelming majority of victims of ISIL are themselves Muslims.’

Trump: We Should Consider Shutting Down Mosques

Elections | Steve Guest

‘It’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider’

Ignore The Apologists -- ISIS Is Islamic

Opinion | Scott Greer
The ISIS flag is held up by demonstrators. (Getty Images)

Saying not all Muslims are terrorists doesn’t address the growing radicalism in Islam

Clock Boy Is A Rorschach Test For America

Opinion | J. D. Gordon
Ahmed Mohamed, the infamous 'Clock Boy' [Reuter]

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed El Hassan Mohamed has been an Islamist provocateur for years.

Ohio Mosque At Center Of One-Woman Protest Has Shady Past Of Its Own

US | Kerry Picket
Women attend "Freedom of Speech Rally Round II" across street from Islamic Community Center in Phoenix

‘She was actually AFRAID!’

CAIR Demands Tennessee 7th Graders Learn 'Muhammad Is The Messenger Of God'

Education | Eric Owens
Islam Hajj 1200

‘The education of children in Tennessee should not be delayed because of anti-Muslim bigotry’

Lawmaker Aims To Ban Teaching 'Doctrine' Of Islam To Seventh Graders

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images, YouTube screenshot /qrnano

Is high school the right time to learn ‘religious doctrine’?

Carson: Muslim Federal Judge Nominees Need To Be Questioned About Their Faith

Elections | Steve Guest

No problem if a Muslim is willing ‘to accept the principles and values’ of the US and the Constitution

Tennessee School Districts Say Revealing Islam Lessons May Cost 'Millions,' Take Too Darn Long

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images, YouTube screenshot/qrnano

Conservative nonprofit’s open records request miffs Tennessee education establishment

CNN Guest: GOP Will Make Americans 'Go To A Mosque ... And Start Shooting People'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘These people will have blood on their hands. All of them. Carson, Trump and Ted Cruz.’

Public School Parents In Georgia Furious About Middle School Islam Lessons

Education | Eric Owens
Getty Images/Juanmonino, Getty Images

‘My daughter learning the Islamic religion kinda contradicts my faith in general’

Ben Carson Defends Muslim Comments: 'Why Would You Take That Chance' On A Muslim?

Elections | Steve Guest

‘If they accept American values and principles and are willing to subjugate their religious beliefs to our constitution, I have no problem with them’