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Israeli Ambassador: Israel Defense Forces Should Be 'Given A Nobel Peace Prize'

‘A Nobel Prize for fighting with unimaginable restraint’

Stories from the Battlefield: Yesterday In Israel And Gaza

Israeli soldier holds up his weapon outside the northern Gaza Strip

“We live in a neighborhood where murdering children is considered normal”

Allen West: 'We Need To Crush Hamas'

‘Why would anyone want to side with an Islamic terrorist organization against a sovereign nation state?’

Israeli Ambassador Slams Kerry: Not Wanted In Middle East

He doesn’t exactly have a history of success

Obama Pushes For Ceasefire To Save Hamas

‘We don’t want to see any more civilians getting killed’

Two American IDF Soldiers Killed In Gaza

Nissim Sean Carmeli (left) with Rabbi Asher Hecht (right). (Screenshot: YouTube)

Among 13 Israeli soldiers killed

'Morning Joe' Doesn't Believe Kerry's Open Mic Criticism Of Israel Was An Accident

‘He’s pretty aware of what a hot mic is’

Jews To Blame For Anti-Semitism, Says Scumbag University of Illinois Professor

Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

The terrorist-loving University of Illinois system moves on to vicious Israel bashers

Obama Pressures Israel To Curb Anti-Tunnel Defense


He’s pushing a ceasefire deal that would help Hamas survive

'Helluva Pinpoint Operation:' Kerry Caught On Open Mic Sarcastically Slamming Israel

‘I reacted, obviously, in a way that anybody does with respect to, you know, young children and civilians’

Kerry Gets Whiny On Fox: 'You And Others Don’t Ever Want To Give The Obama Administration Credit For Almost Anything'

Wallace: ‘Listen, the limits on time have been put on by your people’

Fox Dominates Ratings During Thursday's Breaking News Bonanza

MSNBC’s ratings actually LOWER than same date in 2013

CNN Pulls Reporter From Gaza Coverage After Calling Israelis Cheering Airstrikes 'Scum'

She ‘deeply regrets the language used’

UN Discovers Palestinian Terror Rockets In Gaza School

Smokes rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

‘A flagrant violation of the inviolability of its premises under international law’

Activist Exposes Brandeis University Anti-Israel Faculty Listserv

Brandeis University / Wikimedia commons

Is it any wonder they revoked the award from Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Obama Administration Wrongly Trusts Hamas To Uphold Cease-fire

”Perhaps reason could prevail’

Jon Stewart Joins Anti-Israel Bandwagon

‘Evacuate to where?’

Why You Shouldn't Believe These 4 Myths About The Latest Israel-Hamas Conflict

An explosion is seen in the northern Gaza Strip after an Israeli air strike

Don’t believe everything you read — especially as it relates to Israel

Murdered Children Reveal The Heart Of The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Palestinian kicks a tyre after setting it ablaze during clashes with Israeli police in Shuafat

Israel’s neighbors are using the death of her children as an excuse to break out into song and dance.